GARY OLDMAN on His Screaming Role in CALL OF DUTY - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA

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GARY OLDMAN's got a secret gig - as a voice in the massively successful first-person shooter game CALL OF DUTY! Watch him recreate one of his famous screams...!

Plus TONI COLLETTE, UK actor, writer & comedian NICK FROST and musical guest LONDON GRAMMAR on an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW *** Saturday FEB 15 at 10pm/9c *** Only on BBC AMERICA.

Programme website: Gary explains how he had to re-learn the English accent for his film 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy'.

Benedict Cumberbatch does a Jar Jar Binks impression, shows us the voice of Smaug and can't say the word 'penguins'. "Pengwings." Don't miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show with guests Benedict Cumberbatch, Timothy Spall, Miranda Hart and Maroon 5 *** Saturday November 1st at 10/9c *** Immediately following Doctor Who only on BBC America. Watch GRAHAM's Wildest, Craziest Moments Ever: Subscribe now: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram:

More about this programme: Graham chats to Ewan about him having a light sabre from working on "Star Wars". Graham, Ewan & Chris show off their skills and play with toy light sabres.

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