Toca Hospital secrets

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Hi guys! Today we are showing you how to find the secret lab shown in the trailer of Tocas newest app-Toca life Hospital! Don't forget to comment,like and subscribe!

Celestia and her mother decide to go to the hospital as Celestia begins to have a fever. As her ticket number is called she is sped away to Dr. Catty, a doctor that doesn't seem very trustworthy. Little does she know that many big adventures await, nor that this is just the first piece of cake she is about to take a bite out of that will lead her to tons of curiosity and mayhem. Celestia and her mother also meet a quite beautiful but odd girl named Nora, who snorts when she talks! Apparently she has an infection on her left hand that she tries to hide with her ticket number. Poor Nora! So, stay tuned for the next episode. Keep thinking about Dr. Catty too. Is she safe, or is she a dangerous doctor, that might hurt Celestia instead of treating her needs! Bwha, ha ha ha ha ha ha......... Gulp, what was that? MEOW! Previous Video: Find out the curious and odd reasons why James stares at Jade in the epic series of Crush Life! Layla; SisterToys ST

Toca Vacation is for $2.99 ❥•✿‿︵✿ ⅅℰᎦℂℛℰℙᏆℐᎾℕ ✿ ‿︵✿ THANKS FOR WATCHING EVERYONE! `҉҉´-`☞♥ Ꭶᴏᴄɪᴀʟ ℳᴇᴅɪᴀ♥☜`҉҉´-` Instagram; Kik; Lpstum Animal Jam account: Animeow Animal Jam account on ipad: Smellygrandpaw ✃-----------------------------------------------------------------✁ Recorded with IPad. Editor is IMovie. Music; ✁-----------------------------------------------------------------✃ Hello everyone! I'm here with my thirteenth ever video! Today im doing secret things in Toca Life; Vacation. The app is for $2.99 (3 dollars) if you want me to show you how to get it for free, subscribe and like! If you don't know what I do in this channel, I do skits, story times, LPS top 10, Line Play/Toca Boca videos, LPS series, and many more! Please like, comment, and subscribe if you want more videos from the one and only, TumTumLPS! ꒰⁎❛⃘ੌ ᵕ ❛⃘ੌ⁎꒱

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