Hearthstone Adventure: Icecrown - Lich King Defeat with Warlock (Deck List, cheap)

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This is an easy and cheap deck to defeat the Lich King with Warlock.
It might take a few tries but it works!

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Heartstone - How to win against The Lich King with Warlock (Knights of the Frozen Throne) # 1x (1) Meisterin der Mixturen # 1x (1) Überwältigende Macht # 1x (1) Weltliche Ängste # 1x (2) Dunkelbombe # 1x (2) Entweihen # 1x (2) Seelendieb # 1x (2) Untergangsverkünder # 1x (2) Verderbender Nebel # 1x (3) Boss der Wichtelgang # 1x (3) Schattenblitz # 1x (3) Teerkriecher # 1x (4) Gesichtsloser Schlurfer # 1x (4) Höllenfeuer # 1x (4) Imbissbuden-Tuskarr # 1x (4) Leerrufer # 1x (4) Schattenflamme # 1x (4) Wichtelexplosion # 1x (4) Zwielichtdrache # 1x (5) Azurblauer Drache # 1x (5) Teerlauerer # 1x (5) Übler Schreckenslord # 1x (6) Imperator Thaurissan # 1x (6) Reno Jackson # 1x (6) Seele entziehen # 1x (7) Abyssalvollstrecker # 1x (7) Dr. Bumm # 1x (7) Knochenross # 1x (8) Wirbelnder Nether # 1x (9) Lord Jaraxxus # 1x (12) Bergriese AAEBAf0GHooBkwGJBrkGzgbbBpIHtgfhB40IxAjMCI4O3Q+eEK0Q1hHwEZAVwxaprQLdvALqwQLKwwLexAKPxwLnywKizQL3zQKmzgIAAA==

you have to get Molten Giant in hand and Vicious Fledgling and the rest is you just defend them as best as you can with spells or with taunts, you must kill him before turn 7. decklist here : http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1013067-mage-vs-lich-king-budget-deck

In this video we take on The Lich King, the final boss of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone, with a Warlock deck that costs 480 dust to craft! Code for deck: AAECAf0GEimEAb8B2AGBAoUD8APQBOAE8QWKB5IHmge2B/sHxAjZCvUMBjDQB7EI+QqKrQKfwgIA The decklist is available here: http://imgur.com/9ckoKGI Strat TL;DR Get Fledgling on board, protect it with spells and minions, while buffing it by attacking. Fledgling has 2 required buffs - Windfury and Liquid Membrane (can’t be targeted by enemy spells/hero powers). Mulligan: Vicious Fledgling, Voidwalker, Knife Juggler, and Bilefin Tidehunter. Cards to Add: Better value early/agro minions, or any spells you may have to help the Fledgling, such as Flame Imp, Possessed Villager, Darkbomb, or Implosion. If you want to remove the duplicates (which I actually don’t recommend but it may be more up some people's alley), you can put in Kazakus, or Reno Jackson too. Cards to Remove: Dread Infernal as it costs a lot and doesn’t make that much of an impact. River Crocolisk, Murloc Raider, and Magma Rager could all be replaced by better minions with similar cost. For strat, refer to this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/6w4koa/im_the_guy_who_did_the_basicfree_to_play/

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Another Murlock Deck: Warlock Win vs Lich King! - Week 3 - 'The Frozen Throne' Deck List: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/918761-easy-first-try-lich-king-exploit-no-legendaries-no Must Win Before Turn 7 HearthStone Knights of the Frozen Throne Hearthstone | Beating The Lich King! (Knights of the Frozen Throne Final Wing/Lich King Boss Fight)


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