Rez Infinite: Area X Dynamic Theme - Quest Reward Ps4 Theme 2018 [Free Ps4 Theme]

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Free Ps4 Rez Infinite: Area X Dynamic Theme

You can get this theme for free in

Back by popular demand, here's the updated list for the top 5 best PS4 Dynamic Themes! Enjoy! Notes: -This video is shot in the US, so these themes may or may not be available in different regions. -Theme in the thumbnail is the exclusive E3 2018 Sony booth theme “Symbols in the Stars”. Not sure if you can still get it. -If you're like to check out the original top 5 list, click this link:

Artist: Hydelic Track: Area X Mix - Blue Version (Alternate Ending) Game: Rez Infinite (2016) / PS4 Get the game in the Playstation Store: US store:!/en-us/games/rez-infinite/cid=UP0751-CUSA05868_00-REZINFINITE00000 EU store:!en-gb/games/rez-infinite/cid=EP0748-CUSA06338_00-REZINFINITE00001 Japan store:!/ja-jp/rez-infinite/cid=JP1049-CUSA06209_00-REZINFINITE00002 Thank you for this masterpiece, Mizuguchi-San! Soundtrack and merchandise available at iam8bit:

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