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Super Mario Cat and Luigi begin their adventure to save the Princess!
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Directed by Mike Tivikoff
Music by Jon Bjork


Mario and Luigi have always been tight bros but sometimes, being the younger one isn't always... the best. Luigi's sick of living in Mario's shadow, being second best, Mario's not always easy to live with and sometimes he can be a bit too unfair, so lets see what Luigi will do about it. Music: 00:00 - Super Mario Maker / SMB Ghost House 00:13 - Super Smash Bros U / SMB Ground, Undergound Theme 00:28 - Super Mario World / Overworld 00:54 - Super Mario Land / Overworld 01:02 - Super Mario 64 / Slider Theme 01:32 - Mario Kart 7 / Results Theme 01:53 - New Super Mario Bros Wii / Overworld 02:14 - Super Mario Maker / Title Screen Theme 03:53 - Super Mario Sunshine / Pinna Park 06:10 - Super Mario 3D World / 8-bit Overworld Theme 06:22 - Super Mario 3D World / Overworld 07:07 - Mario Kart Wii / Toads Factory 07:48 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 / Bowser Jr's Fiery Flotilla 08:25 - Super Mario Land / Elevator Remix 10:35 - Super Mario World / Cave Theme 11:12 - OMFG / Ice Cream 11:56 - Christina Perri / Human Piano Insrumental 13:56 - New Super Mario Bros Wii / Course Clear 14:18 - Super Mario Bros 3 / Warp Zone 14:51 - Super Mario World / Underwater Theme 15:12 - Alan Walker / Faded 15:52 - Super Mario Bros / Overworld 15:54 - Super Smash Bros Brawl / SMB Ground Theme 2

Every Bowser Jr minigame in Mario Party 9. There's 10 of them in total. List of Bowser Jr minigames: 0:00 Mecha March 0:35 Bowser Pop 1:19 Double Pounder 1:53 Zoom Room 2:15 Cage match 2:40 Crossfire Caverns 3:17 Bumper Sparks 3:44 Sand Trap 4:22 Pair of Aces 4:57 Pedal to the Paddle Mario Party 9 - Solo Mode Playthrough SunnyCrappy on Twitter:

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