BF1 Versus COD WW2 ALL GUNS COMPARED | Battlefield VS Call of Duty (WHO WON?)

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Hope you guys enjoy this video where I compare battlefield 1against call of duty ww2. COD ww2 is a new game and is not a finished product so keep that in mind. also the weapons that are compared are not everytime the exact same. some can be a different variantion. Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed the video and subscribe!

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Check out My Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets of 2017! --~-- Before we go any further, I need to explicitly state that I am a fan of both of these franchises. I have played every call of duty game since CoD 2 on the Xbox 360 and every Battlefield games since Battlefield 2 Modern Combat. Also, let me be clear that these details do not make one game better than the other, and some of these details, I'm using air commas here, by the way, may seem insignificant, but if you are like me and love the smaller details in games, this might prove interesting. So now that I have covered my arse a little bit, let's get into the video. Be sure to follow me on Twitter: Support Me On Patreon: Dying Light Easter Egg - 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Games: Skyrim Easter Egg 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Games Part 2: Batman Arkham City Easter Eggs: The Best Easter Eggs & Secrets In Rainbow Six Siege: 6 Of The Best The Walking Dead Easter Eggs In Video Games: Mad Max Easter Egg - 5 Of The Best Dark Souls Easter Eggs In Games: 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 3:

Playing the intro cut scenes from the game zombie army trilogy. I hope you enjoy it, I know I have.

Call Of Duty WW2 vs Battlefield 1 in-depth gameplay and graphics comparison. ● Subscribe ► sOCIAL mEDIA: ● Facebook ► ● Twitter ► ● 10% off Loot Crate with code "6ix17" ►

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