Batman: Arkham Knight Angry Review *Spoilers*

author AngryJoeShow   2 years ago

"Baymang" Joe and "OtherSuperJoe" FINALLY Review the conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight! What took so long? and how does this final game measure up? Find out!

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*Re-uploaded after an edit* *Video was at about 275,000 views, but wanted to clarrify & remove an erroneous point I made about transactions* Check this Tweet: SuperJoe & BatJoe go head to head when reviewing the Sequel to the else-worlds universe, Injustice! How does this DC experience stack up? Does it improve on the original enough to warrant your attention? Find out! Shirts/Stuff ► Twitch ► Twitter ► AJSA Community ►


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