How to get 16th prestige on black ops 1

author SuperPaintball1996   4 years ago

This is a tutorial on how to get 16th prestige on black ops 1.
You must be 15th50 online and level 50 in combat training to do this.

1. The way this works is you download the video (XP Video) place in your file share select for playback and watch until you see RGH Lobbie in the upper left corner. 2. Back out of theatre and go into Player Match and select Team Tactical 3. Vote for Demolition or Domination 4.Wait for game to load and quickly press the back button to check and see if you are host. (This is accomplished when you have full bars and everyone else has either 1 or 2) 5. Kill yourself 3 times this will instantly level you up to 50. 6. Kill yourself 3 more times and this will say XP needed to next level 0 This next part is really important! DO NOT BACK OUT UNTIL YOU ARE HOST OR THIS WILL NOT STICK 7. Once you are host (say the host left the game if he knows what is going on, If he doesn't leave just stay the whole game) 8. Once in the pregame lobby quickly prestige back out and click main menu 9. Select Multiplayer from main menu 10. Xbox Live 11. Player Match (Now you should see you are level 50. THIS ALSO WILL NOT WORK IF YOU USE THE FORCE HOST VIDEO This has to start off in Team Tactical with someone else being host first. any questions ask please i got this working perfectly last night! I FORGOT TO SAY IN THE VIDEO! YOU HAVE TO BE HOST WHEN YOU BACKOUT FOR XP TO STICK!!!!!! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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