Pathra's Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal - Sanguine Reveler

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Pathra's Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal - Sanguine Reveler
My first card reveal for the new Hearthstone expansion 'Knights of the Frozen Throne'. Let me know what you guys think of the Sanguine Reveler!

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion will be released August 2017 All Hearthstone cards in 14 languages!: All Journey to Un'Goro cards: All Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards: All One Night in Karazhan cards: All Whispers of the Old Gods cards: All Legendary cards: All Hearthstone cards (Naxx, GvG, TGT, etc.): Support LFP on Patreon: Click the link to Subscribe: Twitch: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter:

Brian Kibler, Firebat & Frodan with Special Guest Mike Donais reveal the new Shadowreaper Anduin legendary!

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That dragon was too close for comfort! What are your thoughts on the new card? Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! To watch Alliestrasza play Hearthstone LIVE, follow Alliestrasza on! Don't forget to follow Alliestrasza on Twitter! Thank you to all of Alliestrasza's fans, followers, and donors. ----- CREDITS Special Thanks to Blizzard for the opportunity to reveal a new card! And for the epic backdrops, logos, and card illustrations. Video Production by Allie and Mason Video Editing by Alexander Finden Cinematography: Facebook - Website - Youtube - Vimeo - Instagram - Twitter - Music by Epic Video Game Music: Backgrounds and Overlays by AA VFX and Stock Footage Factory: Youtube - Facebook - Sound Effects from (under Creative Commons license) Hearthstone and the Hearthstone Logos are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


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