Pikmin 2 Perplexing Pool (Earrape)

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When its day 31 and Beady Long Legs kills your pikmin while you are escaping from the Bulbear but then while fighting the Bulbear eats like half yo squad.

►pikmin 2 all boss battles in 1080p/60fps ►All Bosses Playlist : https://goo.gl/IslKhe ▼All Boss Battles Named and in order▼ 00:00 - Empress Bulblax 01:24 - Burrowing Snagret 01:55 - Emperor Bulblax 02:18 - Beady Long Legs 03:11 - Pileated Snagret 06:19 - Man-at-Legs 09:20 - Empress Bulblax 12:09 - Giant Breadbug 13:34 - Raging Bloyster 14:54 - Water-Wraith 16:54 - Segmented Crawbster 18:45 - Raging Long-legs 20:16 - Titan Dweevil ►Subsribe : http://goo.gl/f0beW2 ►Twitter : http://goo.gl/jqKP04 ►Avatar : http://ratchetmario.deviantart.com/ ►Upload Plan : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGerma... ►Google+ : http://goo.gl/hR2XOi ►Wii U Account : TheGermanWalks ►Game Informations : ▪Developer : Nintendo EAD ▪Publisher : Nintendo ▪Directors : Shigefumi Hino / Masamichi Abe ▪Producer : Shigeru Miyamoto ▪Writer : Motoi Okamoto ▪Composer : Hajime Wakai ▪Series : Pikmin ▪Platform : Nintendo GameCube, Wii ▪Release dates : ▪Nintendo GameCube ▫JP October 26, 2001 ▫NA December 2, 2001 ▫PAL June 14, 2002 ▪Wii ▫JP December 25, 2008 ▫NA March 9, 2009 ▫EU February 6, 2009 ▫AUS February 26, 2009 ▪Genre : Real-time strategy ▪Mode : Single-player ►No Commentary Gameplay by NintenU (2015)◄

Q&A Q: What about Water Dumples, Dwarf Red/Orange Bulborbs, Dwarf Bulbears, etc. A: They cannot eat bombs. They just knock the Pikmin back. Q: What about the other bosses that eat Pikmin, like the Mireclops and the Phosbat A: There are no Bomb Rocks in the Garden of Hope and Bomb Rocks are not available by the time you get to the Phosbat. Q: What about [insert other enemy here] A: I literally have tested every enemy in the game, they either don't have mouths/knock back the pikmin when they attempt to eat Pikmin. From this point of July 28th 2017, if I receive any questions that are answered here, I will mark them as spam/delete them.

Here's a trailer for the three short Pikmin movies available on the eShop for 3DS and Wii U.

Some unused enemies. Thanks to Biel for the idea! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmWEzaIO0pzoMCEDlX2msA Captions for extra info

In Collect Treasure, the goal is to gather every single thing in the map. Every fruit, gold nugget and dead monster must be retrieved before time is up to score a Platinum medal. The more time is left, the higher your final score will be. Collect Treasure - Stage #11: Fortress of Festivity Pikmin available: Red / Rock / Yellow / Winged / Blue / White / Purple Time for the second and last DLC wave! As with the first one, the first map comes for free. Starting off strong with Fortress of Festivity, one of the funner challenges in the game where you can use every color of pikmin! Reds for bringing down the walls a bit faster. Rocks will break open some geysers for fast travelling and can deal some good damage against the boss. Yellows will have to reach high treasure and bring down an electric gate. Winged pikmin have one job and that is to hold a bamboo gate open while the others carry back the loot. Blues will be used to retrieve a few cherries in a small pond. Whites can be used to quickly retrieve gold nuggets. Lastly, purples are used to work on the heavier fruits, like papayas and apples (how are they the same size again??). Good luck!


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