Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk/Hack v1.10.0[Unlimited Everything]

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Download The Mod Apk And The Data For It. And Follow The Steps In The Video.Comment What Next.#KSITRACKS Or #JAKETRACKS"Jake Paul". Comment Down The Most Will Do Choose What Songs Next.See Ya Peace.

I recently have been trying this new method in Eagle Mountain and I called it the single door method. Basically I will only activate one door and not switch unless I got captured, and it's been working extremely well so far. It's not a method guaranteed to reach Floor 100 or anything like that but based on my one week of testing I've consistently made it to Floor 20 at least with one ly 1-2 captures. Subscribe for more Angry Birds Evolution Eagle Mountain gameplay like this! Subscribe for more! : Discord Channel : My AB Evolution playlist :

Sorry for the poor quality of the video because this is our first one, So stay tuned and know how to get 5 star Level birds in Angry Birds Evolution, We got Dr. Probotnik on the 36th premium egg!!! Just Don't Forget These Helpful and important Tips for the trick: 1. You have to at least have 35 to 40 premium eggs that you will have to hatch one by one. you can get premium eggs on the event itself and the other eggs which you have to use gem with. 2. Don't ever hatch a "Hatch x10" premium egg because it will only waste your gems but it cannot guarantee a sure hatch for the 5 star bird on the event. Remember that the trick is to hatch premium eggs one by one. This always works on every Event, so Enjoy collecting powerful birds guys!!! Thanks for Watching!!! Please feel free to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE

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