Mocute 054 Gaming Controller Review!! - Best Multi-Platform Controller Ever?

author Oscarmini   8 mounths ago

Have you ever wanted a handy and yet affordable Gaming Controller that would serve your gaming needs? Well, here's a $14 controller that works on Android, iOS and PC.

The Mocute 054 Controller is yet another gaming controller that brings both the Xbox controller grip style and pleasure to the gamer.

Right out of the box, you get a Micro USB 2.0 cable to charge up the 400maH that serves for a continuous 40Hour gameplay.

The Mocute 054 Controller is one gaming controller to have in your arsenal.

Hope you love this review.

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**This video is powered by AMD** This video is an unboxing of the Mocute 050 Gamepad which uses Bluetooth 3.0 that supports Android, iOS and PC. The build quality is decent and pretty compact to carry around. It supports most major games and online games, hundreds of simulator games as well as emulators. It has a built in battery which can last for 40 hours of continuous gameplay as they claimed (need to test for proof claim). Mocute 050 Gamepad: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Google +: ● TwitchTV: Thanks for watching, guys! Ratings is always appreciated :)


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