Batman Arkham Knight - Villains talking to each other (NO JOKER)

author Tmermaid   3 years ago

Since nobody posted this yet, I decided to do a video of the villains talking to each other (not the Joker talking, or Batman talking to the villains)

After Batman apprehends all villains, there are little converstaion scenes between Batman and Villains. Also, if you don't finish the final Scarecrow mission and do all other Most Wanted missions then you'll get to listen what Joker says about them. For some reason you cannot do Copplepot's Gunrunner mission without finishing the main story. I think it is because the final conversation between Batman and Nightwing. Also, you cannot talk to Scarecrow as he is in Bat fear by his own fear toxin. Enjoy! Batman Arkham Knight - All Villains Conversations Batman Arkham Knight Villains Conversations Batman Arkham Knight Conversations

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One of my favorite villains outside of anime, and he's criminally underrated, but cuz of resurging hype from Teen Titans GO to the movies and a possible OG Teen Titans return, let's talk about the awesomeness of Deathstroke, uh, i mean Deadpool... Best DC Super villain after the Dark Knight Joker, and the Deepest Cartoon Villain of all time... in my humble opinion XD Follow me on TWITTER: Lowart Teen Titans Vid: Plz support via Patreon: DABI ON THE HATERS Merch: ALL BRIGHT (Lord Escanor X All Might) MERCH: Nux Taku Merch: Edited By TMFilly

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