Let's Play Hearthstone! [Part 12] Un'Goro Arena! Failed Attempts At 12 Wins!

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Hearthstone, originally known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is a free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of thirty cards along with a selected hero with a unique power. Players use mana points to cast spells or summon minions to attack the opponent, with the goal to reduce the opponent's health to zero. Winning matches can earn in-game gold, rewards in the form of new cards, and other in-game prizes. Players can then buy packs of new cards through gold or microtransactions to customize and improve their decks. The game features several modes of play, including casual and ranked matches, as well as daily quests and weekly challenges to help earn more gold and cards. New content for the game involves the addition of new card sets and gameplay, taking the form of either expansion packs or single-player adventures that reward the player with collectible cards upon completion.

Check out my first book, "A Pathless Journal" (in progress) for free on Wattpad.

Check out my first book, "A Pathless Journal" (in progress) for free on Wattpad. https://www.wattpad.com/user/andrewlpreston

Hearthstone Best of Board Clears | Un'goro Moments - Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments! Journey to Un'goro Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays! Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast Pro highlights! Best of Meteor, Elise the Trailblazer, Dirty Rat. Best Board Clear moments. ►Best of Free From Amber: https://goo.gl/l8fG4f ►Send me hearthstone moments! -https://www.hearthstoneplayshs@gmail.com CREDITS: (0:00): https://twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths (Boogieland 2 - Stefan Netsman) (0:47): https://twitch.tv/happasc2 (Beachfront Celebration - Kevin MacLeod) (1:17): https://twitch.tv/hoyla_hs (Breaktime - Kevin MacLeod) (1:34): https://twitch.tv/savjz (Jazzy Frenchy - Bensound) (2:11): https://twitch.tv/szunox26 (Follow Every Move 1 - Magnus Ringblom) (2:41): https://goo.gl/ydyNuL (Chicken Old Ladies On A Bus 3 - Martin Landh) (3:10): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8NOa0Uk-0M (Movie Box 2 - Anders Bothen) (3:38): https://twitch.tv/serg_heavybeard (Loco - John Deley and the 41 Players) (4:14): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByZ6vrx3s6k (Happy Bee Surf - Kevin MacLeod) (4:40): https://goo.gl/v073wB (Super Hero 5 - Johannes Bornlof) (5:02): https://twitch.tv/kemikkirann (Original Music) (5:26): https://twitch.tv/hearthstonefr (PAINT IT! - Nicolai Heidlas) (5:58): https://twitch.tv/nl_kripp (Surf Shimmy - Kevin Macleod) (6:19): https://goo.gl/E1yTKf (TheFatRat - Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)) (7:09): https://goo.gl/TyXs3 (Gotta Get Back 3 - Martin Landh) (7:39): https://goo.gl/ydyNuL (Jingle Punks - Stoker) (8:14): https://twitch.tv/kufdon (Undertale - The Death of a True Hero [Remix by NyxTheShield]) (8:46): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZttckxTXaQ (Silent Partner - Once) (9:16): https://twitch.tv/day9tv (Private Eye - Kevin MacLeod) (9:39): https://twitch.tv/videos/138577526?t=35m16s (Gunnar Johnsen - Pots And Pancakes 1) (10:06): https://twitch.tv/Grandudius (Original music) (10:35): https://twitch.tv/silvername (Original music) (10:53): https://twitch.tv/armatvhs (Undaunted Warrior 2 - Johannes Bornlof) (11:15): https://twitch.tv/kolento (Knights Templar 2 - Johannes Bornlof) (11:47): https://twitch.tv/savjz (Bang Belly - Martin Landh) (12:21): https://twitch.tv/cerberushs (Psychedelic Balloons 2 - Martin Landh) (12:55): https://goo.gl/c0e3j4 (Guile's Theme (Intense Symphonic Metal Cover)) Outro Music Sound: http://www.zedge.net/ringtone/1052180/

Music: Sapphieros - Empyrean Wonders What's up buddies! We got 3 more indoor plants that I would like to share with you all. I was going more for looks this time, hahahaha but these plants still prove to be effective in cleaning up that air.

Music: Sappeiros - Vibrant Hey what's up buddies! In this video we are going to explore some healthy stuff that i've been using for a long time now. And although I don't know for sure if it has had a huge impact on my health, what I do know is that i've been feeling amazing every flippen day. :) So yeah, hope this gave you some awesome ideas on how to go about making some small changes. Thanks for watching buddies!

Music Intro: Sappeiros - Embrace Hey what's up buddies! In this video we are going to explore an amazing story that really reveals the true nature of the limitation of thought. Thanks for watching! Jiddu Krishnamurti was a philosopher, speaker and writer. In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and withdrew from the Theosophy organization behind it. His subject matter included psychological revolution, the nature of mind, meditation, inquiry, human relationships, and bringing about radical change in society. He constantly stressed the need for a revolution in the psyche of every human being and emphasized that such revolution cannot be brought about by any external entity, be it religious, political, or social. Krishnamurti was born in British India. In early adolescence he had a chance encounter with prominent occultist and theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater in the grounds of the Theosophical Society headquarters at Adyar in Madras. He was subsequently raised under the tutelage of Annie Besant and Leadbeater, leaders of the Society at the time, who believed him to be a 'vehicle' for an expected World Teacher. As a young man, he disavowed this idea and dissolved the Order of the Star in the East, an organisation that had been established to support it. He said he had no allegiance to any nationality, caste, religion, or philosophy, and spent the rest of his life travelling the world, speaking to large and small groups and individuals. Many of his talks and discussions were published as transcripts; among them The First and Last Freedom, and The Only Revolution, and also several diaries were published, including Krishnamurti's Notebook. His last public talk was in Madras, India, in January 1986, a month before his death at his home in Ojai, California. His supporters – working through non-profit foundations in India, Great Britain and the United States – oversee several independent schools based on his views on education. They continue to transcribe and distribute his thousands of talks, group and individual discussions, and writings by use of a variety of media formats and languages.


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