Batman: Arkham Knight - Final Scarecrow nightmare with Harley Quinn

author sn0wsh00   11 mounths ago

Playing the second and final Scarecrow joker dream/nightmare in Arkham Knight with Harley Quinn using a character swap/free roam mod.

*Harley's Jack in the box can destroy the Batman statues. However, she is unable to trigger the scene where the Batman statues close in on the Joker, though the Shepard tones still play. You have to noclip out of the courtyard to reach the Asylum scene
*At the funeral wake room, playable Harley is technically talking/mourning, hence the reason she does not make any sound when she punches the chairs
*When Batman appears from an Arkham Asylum cell, instead of you retaking control of Batman, Batman simply wanders off to the side, preventing you from finishing the game
*Yup, that flashlight

This video shows also off an unintentional ledge that takes you outside the map if you climb it, as well as what happens in the Arkham Asylum scene if you play as Batman (spoiler alert: there can only be one Batman).

Character swap code:


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