CM Brauerei Sturmbräu Gold 8:31

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The amazing team including the legendary Klosterbro setting a world record at the amazing speed 2:49! Might be the last record before challenge mode gets changed! :)

PoV: Aqujla - Eredar (EU) - Use this link for a 33% discount to watch hundreds of instructional guides by Snutz and other top players only on Skill Capped! Remember to like/comment/favorite if you enjoyed this video. Also, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss more videos from the best players on earth! Snutz's YouTube: Snutz's Stream: In this video one of the very best players in the world, Snutz - double BlizzCon Finalist, MLG Champion and 6x Rank 1 Gladiator Warlock shows how he plays against other prominent and very high rated PvP-ers. Snutz's message to fans: Hello Everyone! The wait is finally over, I promised Snutz 5 to be released sometime this month and with all the hard work and finishing touches it's finally done. A lot of time has been spent on this movie, it will probably be the last Cataclsym arena movie from me and all I'm hoping for is for you guys to enjoy it. In the movie there will be simple spell icons & sounds for you guys to have a better idea of what is going on, a new touch as opposed to my old movie so I hope it works out for the best! ----MUSIC USED IN THE VIDEO---- 1) Lights - Siberia (Alex Klingle Remix) check out Alex Klingle here - 2) Sultan, Ned Shepard, Nadia Ali - Call my name(Spencer and Hill Remix) 3) Kalwi and Remi feat. Amanda Wilson - You and I (dj Kuba Remix) 4) Spencer and Hill feat. Nadia Ali - Believe it (Cazzete Androids Sound Hot Mix) Enjoy and thanks for watching! Edit: A clarification on the title: No other warlock has been as successful as him at tournaments. He's won MLG more than once. While he did not win Blizzcon, he finished 2nd, twice, including winning a mirror match in the semi finals against arguably the top EU warlock (Dakkroth). Nevermind the 4x Rank 1 3k+ Ratings. We feel comfortable claiming he is the best in the world right now. Thanks!

World Record in Stormstout Brewery for updates

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