Dealing 1001 Damage To The Lich King In A Single Game

author Thijs Hearthstone   3 mounths ago

Thijs topped the leaderboard after this game:

If you didn't keep up with the raid stuff, here's a quick rundown:
► "Supreme Lich King" is a 'raid' boss exclusive to Gamescom
► the goal of each game is to deal as much damage as possible
► you can only use premade decks
► the reward for defeating it is a badge for every participant (see - image taken from Hafu's stream)

Some of the more fringe stuff:
► even if you somehow get Alexstrasza, people report that it's either impossible to target LK, or that it only deals 15 damage.
► after the third Hero Power of DK Uther, the Lich King clears the board

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