Knuffle Bunny and AAC

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Use of the book "Knuffle Bunny" to illustrate the need for AAC including core and very important fringe vocabulary

Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo Willems : Read Aloud Online Free with pictures and full text. Such a great book! Both of my kids are in love with the three knuffle bunny books. Moreover Mo Willems is one of their favorite kids authors.. Raising a Trilingual Child with

By Mo Willems - See similar books read by myself and other's arranged for easy naviagation at

An ancient form of exercise for the body and soul is being used to help improve the lives of children with special needs. NY1's Natasha Ghoneim filed the following report. For five-year-old Hiro Saburi, sitting serenely for even a few minutes is no easy task. The Queens boy has autism. "He was really like up and over there and there. So hyper he wanted to calm down but he didn't know how to do that," said Hiro's mother, Mika Saburi. With each conscious breath and held stretch, Hiro is learning how the body and mind are linked. For the last two years he's been practicing a discipline dating back to antiquity, but with a modern tweak, catering to children with special needs like his. It's called "Yoga for the Special Child." "They can concentrate better. They can learn quicker. They become more peaceful," Yoga for the Special Child" Founder Sonia Sumar. Sumar founded the discipline in the 1970's after giving birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome. Although she died at 15, Sumar says teaching her daughter the basics of yoga enhanced the quality of what little life she lived. Sumar trains occupational and physical therapists and teachers at Integral Yoga Institute in the West Village. She's made it her life's work traveling the world, helping special needs children. "By working with all the other kids around the world, I filled up all the emptiness that came with her passage and I feel her with me all the time, inspiring me," Sumar said. It's not always easy. On this particular afternoon, Hiro didn't make it through his 30 minute session. But even in the short time he practiced yoga, it seemed to have a calming effect. "The way it is to be more balanced between mind and the body which is beneficial," Saburi said. "This is a work that is soul to soul. When you establish that kind of connection with someone, there are no limitations," Sumar said. Hiro's mother hopes yoga will make his transition to kindergarten in the fall smoother and life beyond much easier. Source:

Overview of the features, size & weight of the ChatWrap for iPad Mini by Saltillo. This case is incredibly lightweight, slim & has awesome amplification quality through the attached Bluetooth speaker. I've been a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist for 24 years and have seen LOTS of AAC devices and cases and this one is quite unique. Definitely worth considering if you are looking for voice amplification to turn your iPad Mini into a speech-generating device while not adding excess bulk or weight. (case weight = .7 lb., total weight with iPad Mini in it = 1.4 lbs., thickness at the tallest portion is only about 1.5 inch (about 2/3 the height of a dollar bill). See more details & ordering info online at Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review and do not have any affiliation with any AAC company or app developer. Please consult with your child's SLP or AAC team when deciding on the best case for their needs. I am providing this overview solely as a means to get more details out there for folks to make informed purchasing decisions).

Great coverage on Channel 9 news in OKC of the benefits of yoga for kids. Love that it mentions using yoga breathing in every day activities & the benefits of yoga for kids with ADHD. Featuring the kids yoga at Soul Yoga in OKC ( ; ) From May 10, 2012 (


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