Need for Speed Most Wanted (Final Boss Razor/all 5 races + Final Pursuit)

author Lemuel Falcon   3 years ago

Porsche Carrera GT vs BMW M3 GTR.

Car used vs #1, Carerra GT.
Car used in FInal Pursuit, BMW M3 GTR.

Enjoy folks, and have a happy new years!

Final mission of GTA San Andreas. CJ confronts Big Smoke and Tenpenny, but to get to them he has to deal with a bunch of Ballas, Vagos and some Grove Street Families traitors. Platform: PC Created with: Vegas Pro 14 & Bandicam No cheats or mods used except Silent's patch and the fixed vehicles pack. 100% walkthrough playlist:

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En el día de hoy jugamos al Need For Speed Most Wanted de 2005 para competir contra Razor y no perder el BMW M3 GTR y comenzar el modo historia con este coche. Tutorial para ganar a Razor:

After showing Drag races in 8 and Drift events in 12 different racing games I am now taking it another step further with a compilation that includes a total of 20 (!) different titles. The topic this time is reaching a speed of 400 km/h or more, which gives a nice comparison of the sense of speed in the different games. In most of the games I am starting at 0, so you can also get an idea of how realistic vs insane the acceleration in these games is. And since so many people liked the train scene in the Drag video I also tried my best to include some entertaining moments again as an added bonus. :P Timeline: 0:09 NFS Most Wanted - Ford GT on Campus Interchange 0:55 NFS Carbon - Dodge Viper in free roam 1:38 Test Drive Unlimited - Saleen S7 in free roam 2:40 NFS ProStreet - Pagani Zonda on Texas World Speedway, Oval Circuit 3:47 Race Driver Grid - Audi R10 Le Mans Prototype on Circuit de la Sarthe 1968 4:37 NFS Undercover - McLaren F1 in free roam 5:30 NFS Hot Pursuit 3 - Bugatti Veyron in free roam 6:36 Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Koenigsegg CCXR in free roam (Hawaii) 8:14 NFS Shift 2 - Toyota Supra on Nordschleife 9:11 NFS The Run - Hennessey Venom on Summit, Stage 5 10:06 NFS Most Wanted 2 - Bugatti Veyron in free roam 11:09 Grid 2 - Koenigsegg Agera on Spa 11:49 NFS Rivals - Koenigsegg One:1 in free roam 12:54 Grid Autosport - Dallara Indycar on Indianapolis Oval Circuit 13:50 Driveclub - Koenigsegg Regera on Holmastad, Norway 14:50 The Crew Wild Run - Lamborghini Huracan and Hotrod in free roam 16:01 Need for Speed 20 - Dodge Viper in free roam 16:50 Forza Apex - Koenigsegg One:1 on Nordschleife 17:53 Forza Horizon 3 - Porsche 918 in free roam 19:01 Flatout 4 - Frenzy M600 on Historic Route 78 When I started working on this video I actually thought that 400 km/h wasn't reachable in NFS MW in a legit way but it turned out that I was wrong. You just have to use stock transmission in the Ford GT. In NFS Carbon you can easily break 400 with the Dodge Viper. In TDU the Saleen is a car that can do it, provided you are able to avoid the rather erratic traffic. :P In NFS Undercover the Bugatti looks to be fastest but the McLaren F1 can break 400 as well. In Hot Pursuit 3 I went with the Bugatti. In TDU 2 I took the Koenigsegg CCXR, which can still go faster with better upgrades, which I wasn't able to afford though. In NFS Shift 2 I used the Supra with a custom setup from YouTube. In NFS The Run you can only reach 400 in multiplayer or by using a glitch to put cars of a different class into career events, since there is no quickrace mode in the game. In Grid Autosport I was only able to reach 400 with drafting. However, I was able to do it without cars in front of me, since drafting somehow also works here with cars right behind you... In Driveclub I used the Regera, which doesn't have a regular transmission. In The Crew many cars can reach 400 but the Huracan is the fastest outside of Drag spec. In NFS 20 I used the Viper again and in Forza Apex the One:1. In FH3 a ton of cars can easily reach 400 too. I went with the Porsche 918 here. And in Flatout 4 the fastest car should be the Frenzy. There are of course still a lot more racing games where 400 km/h can be reached but this is probably by far the biggest compilation that anyone has made in this regard so far and I am quite happy with how it turned out. Note that the goal here was just to reach 400 or more in these 20 games and not to reach the highest speed or the largest number of games possible. I also didn't use the fastest car in every game, since this allowed for a bigger variety of cars to be shown. And in most games I used automatic transmission, since it was perfectly sufficient to reach the goal. So if you see some people writing in the comments that I "forgot" some game, used the "wrong" car or "shifted badly", then you know that they are either haters or failed to understand the goal of the video. Or both. :P Thanks to MSWGR for recording the NFS The Run footage for me. You can find more videos of that game on his channel here: Edit: I just realized that I forgot to turn off the motion blur in Shift 2. Sorry about that. Normally that game would look a bit more clear, just like the others, so keep that in mind when trying to draw comparisons. Also to respond to something that I see a lot in the comments: None of the games are on low graphics! If you think that they are, then you don't know what you are talking about. I only turned off "flashy" effects like motion blur because I consider them ugly (except in Shift 2 where I forgot it). Things like texture quality are mostly on ultra. I try to make the games look as good as possible. I simply prefer a more natural style like on the right side of this picture:

Este vídeo fue creado por mi por la esta razón:... Estaba buscando programas finos en la pagina por cierto buena pagina para ustedes se las recomiendo para descargar juegos, programas, películas, películas blue-ray, etc. y allí en esa pagina encontre el juego "Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition", por cierto buen aporte "Richi" por subir la verdadera versión del Black Edition. Pero bueno me salí del tema este vídeo lo cree porque estaba buscando programas finos... Y por casualidad me encontré el programa "Fraps" que solía usar antes, para los que no saben es como un programa para grabar mientras juegas o algo así,... Bueno así que lo use y me dije a mi mismo... Porque no crear un vídeo de la persecución final del Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition? y bien lo hice y aquí lo pueden ver el vídeo lo hubiera subido en 1080p pero el problema es que cuando paralice el vídeo para verlo pesaba más de 7 GB y se me hace mas difícil subirlo por que mi Internet no es rápida como pensaba y no se porque coño,... y era un tipo de vídeo .AVI aunque el vídeo se veía con buena calidad pero se me iba a hacer mas complicado así que modifique el formato del vídeo con Format Factory y hice que se viera a una claridad... media pero el vídeo a una calidad de 480p. Así que yo espero que les guste el vídeo y que... vean mi manera de conducir xD, y como verán me encanta este juego y si lo quieren descargar e instalar les paso el link: OJO el post no es mio pero al que subió este juego le doy las mil gracias... ahora solo tengo que esperar para comprar los CD-DVD para grabar el formato ISO en el DVD para el juego. Hoy en dia este video supera las 500.00 visitas y es uno de los videos más destacados de mi canal, nunca pense que tendria esta enorme cantidad de visitas y casi 1900 Likes, solo puedo decir que gracias y que vienen más cosas. Esto es solo el comienzo. Need For Speed Most Wanted Full PC Español: Seee el juego es pesado pero les juro que vale la pena hasta trae sus Movies Fulls y El Audio En Español full y el texto en español como lo explica el Post y como dice el post es la verdadera versión Black Edition... VIDEO COMO INSTALAR EL VINILO DEL BMW M3 GTR: Contenido actualizado el: 30/10/2016 Si te gusto el video dale un "Me gusta" que me ayuda muchísimo, tampoco olvides "Compartir" este video con sus amigos para que vean esta maravillosa pelea y no olviden dejarme sus comentarios. Un saludo muy grande para todos. *********** SUSCRIBIRTE AQUÍ *********** *********** REDES SOCIALES *********** FACEBOOK:


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