How does Batman use the Nimbus Cell on Batmobile? Help from Poison Ivy? Arkham Knight Walkthrough

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How does Batman use the Nimbus Cell on the Batmobile? Help from Poison Ivy? Batman Arkham Knight Walkthrough
Batman: Arkham Knight

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My Brand new Scuf Controller in action on the game of (Batman Arkham Knight). The Scuf I have bought was the OpTic STEALTH Controller from Scuf gaming, it's actually one remarkable thing I love having to said I bought that's a piece of work. It works great in my eyes, one of my first times using this controller in it's full ability and not just playing the new Need For Speed either!

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Batman Arkham Knight, PS4 gameplay where Batman has to find Simon Stagg again to get Nimbus Power Cell which is required to repair his Batmobile after damage caused by Cloudburst chemical flood -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Do watch: "Horizon Zero Dawn - Mission The Point of the Spear part 2 Kill the Sawtooth Hinglish/Hindi" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Joker (through Johnny Charisma) singing to Batman in Panessa Studios


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