World Of Warcraft Elvui Tutorial

author O droseros   1 weeks ago

περιγραφή του elvui για κάψιμο στο warcraft...!!!

A player with a BAD User-Interface will always be at a disadvantage compared to a player with a GOOD User-Interface. Don't be that player with the bad User-Interface! Setting up an effective and efficient UI is easy to do. Allow me to show you! This video is the first of two videos from a series that will help you turn your WoW UI into a cockpit of clearly stated and easy to find information. Welcome to my updated User Interface guide for World of Warcraft! Convert your UI from bland and inefficient to organized and effective! This video specifically looks at the addon ElvUI. You'll learn how/where to download ElvUI, how to use and adjust the basic settings of ElvUI to suit your needs, and also how to download/import user-profile strings for ElvUI from someone else (like me)! Want to learn about TellMeWhen? Then subscribe and stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we'll take an in depth look at how to effectively use and take advantage of the AddOn 'TellMeWhen'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **PART TWO OF MY UI SERIES HERE** How to Setup & Use TellMeWhen: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * TIMESTAMPS * * Downloading TukUI Client & ElvUI - 3:25 Setup & How to use ElvUI - 7:54 Using ElvUI Profiles - 30:46 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * CLICK HERE! * * * * MY WEBSITE * * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me on Twitter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please be sure to like or dislike this video, leave a comment, and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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▼Hey friends! Today we're talking about my Interface, with all WeakAuras, my ElvUI Settings, and many other things!▼ All WeakAura Strings: Cursor Circle: ElvUI Profile: Haste Tracker: Mind Blast Tracker: Priest Suite (All Specs): Insanity Bar: __________________________________________________________________ ►Follow me on Twitter! ►More WoW-Content: ►Support me on Patreon! ►Relics and Traits Review: ►Antorus Trinket Review: __________________________________________________________________ ►Music in this Video: Arman Cekin - California Dreaming (ft. Paul Rey) Illenium - It's All On You ft. Liam O'Donnel (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) Nomyn - Finding Peace At The End Triton - Borealis Nomyn - Dreamcatcher Approaching Nirvana - Avila

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