Batman The Telltale Season 2 Episode 3 BOTH ENDINGS

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The show gave away $80.000 in the Showcase Showdown.

All three contestants on the Price Is Right spin the wheel and hit for a dollar!!!

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01/09/17 - Decided on a new title that I think is a good, fair change, as it's both more accurate and still retains the colloquial name for this particular death sequence for searching purposes. As always, this video is not monetized. 01/08/17 - Making this video public again. DON'T SEND ME MESSAGES ABOUT THE TITLE. It's titled this way because that's what the fandom calls this death, and the whole point of the video is so people looking for it can find it; arguing about whether it's 'secret' or not isn't relevant (and honestly, nothing is ever truly 'secret' in a video game, it's just a matter of if it's been found or not.) Comments will remain disabled for now. That said, if this video is showing up in everyone in the world's recommended lists again you're welcome to message me and let me know, and I'll set it back to unlisted. I'm hoping it's been enough time it won't be recommended to people who aren't interested in it; that's annoying for everyone involved. Last I had seen there was no HQ footage of this scene, so I decided while I was doing my trophy runs to take a moment and record it! This is Ashley's "secret death" in the Lodge, which isn't really secret just very rare to encounter. In order to trigger this death, these events have to happen: -Emily must be bitten by the wendigo -Mike must not shoot her -Ashley must reveal that the bite is harmless -Ashley must survive until chapter 10 -Sam must fail the first don't move in the lodge but succeed the second -Sam must do nothing when given the option to save Ashley There is an alternative version of this scene where it's Emily instead of Ashley, which occurs if Emily was not bitten by the wendigo or if she was but Ashley hid that the bite is harmless. Actions taken by Sam during this finale sequence must be the same as for the version with Ashley. Hope you all enjoy!

All copy rights go to, "The Price Is Right" for the clip Michael is probably the funniest contestant I've ever seen go on the show so far Original Video:


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