Late for School. Written by Mike Reiss. Illustrated by Michael Austin. Read aloud by Granny B.

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Late for School.
Written by Mike Reiss. Illustrated by Michael Austin.
Read aloud by Granny B.
This is a beautiful illustrated book with a great story about being late for school.
The text rhymes and the illustrations are very cool.
Granny B. is proud to read this awesome book to you.

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RJ has a rough day. He wakes up with gum stuck in his hair, misses recess because he's late to school, earns a zero on his math homework and messes up Mom's kitchen. With his mother's help, RJ learns that his problems happen because he doesn't listen or pay attention to directions. Author Julia Cook's new book shows RJ as well as all K-6 readers the steps to the fundamental social skills of listening and following instructions. When RJ learns to use these skills the right way, he has the best day of his life!

A story written by David Shannon Please like and subscribe to kinder playhouse

The picture book by Mark Teague, read aloud with pictures to accompany the story.

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