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🔴¿COMO PARTICIPAR EN EL SORTEO?🔴 ✅Recuerda que son 70MIL diamantes en premios y para participar en el sorteo debes estar suscrito a los siguientes canales y activar la campanita 🔔 ☢ OBLIGATORIO ☢ ▶ Activa la campana 🔔 ▶Seguirme en el Instagram ▶ Suscribete ✅ ▶GeGamer xD: ▶RobKing: ▶Jorgen13: ▶ZAFIRO HN XD: ▶KEVIN17: ▶FRANMODSDROllD: ▶ForeverFor: ▶Ruth V: ▶SEBAGAMER: ▶ElZEUSOMG: El sorteo culmina el 2 de Diciembre, mucha suerte a todos Cracks. -POLITICAS DE YOUTUBE DE CONCURSOS: --LOS QUE NO CUMPLAN LA PARTICIPACION SERAN DESCALIFICADOS!!

This level in Spyro will always be the biggest pain! JOIN THE CLUB: Spyro 3 ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram: ►Merchandise: Edited by Pixlpit: Outro animation created by Pixlpit: Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here #jacksepticeye #Spyro #SpyroReignited

What Really Happens On The Fortnite Battle Bus: Part 4 (SFM Animation) If you'd like to support the channel and keeping the dream alive you can do so by clicking on this link! Gaming Merchandise -Use the code "Canna" to get 20% off Computer accessories at Stay Connected: ● Twitter: ● Instagram : ● Stream: Outro Song: Knox Hill Animation: HoovyTube - Voice Actors: Outfoxed: SeigiVA: Isic: Model Creators: Epic Games ArachnitCZ - Scourge/Plague/Headhunter/Raven/Ravage/Tomato Head/Calamity/Battle Bus PlusNinetySix - Dark Bomber MasterMRL - Dire MrShlapa - Fable/Beef Boss Auditor - Fat Defualt

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