Angry Birds: Rio. Airfield Chase (level 12) 3 stars. Прохождение от SAFa

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Видео для любителей серии Angry Birds!
(Video for fans of the series Angry Birds!)

8bit / NES / C64 / SID / FM / electronic music for gaming or programming • Hello and welcome to our cozy place. Here we listen to some funky and bleepy sounds • Your suggestions of adding/removing songs are welcome • If video lags, it means I do something on the server • Playlist: Q&A: • How big is the playlist? – Currently 2086 songs • How does such streams work? – Dedicated server with obs studio and music player on • This song is not 8bit, why is it here? – Because I like it and it is possible in chiptune to use vocals/real instruments • What song played 10 minutes ago? – Last 4 hours of stream are in a buffer, you can search the desired moment by just moving a slider under video OR Check this playlist history: Bot commands: !commands – display available commands !song – to display currently playing song in chat !playlist – get a full list of songs !cookie @username – give a cookie to a person in chat !suggest "song" – you can request a song to add into the playlist !dislike "song name"– let me know if any song(s) in the playlist is bad (please name the song after command) Last donators: • Gnarrly to the XTREME! – SEK50 – "Chillin with some Hibiki whisky and playing me some vaporwave, thanks for this live radio, it is highly appreciate,. Finding so many new artists ❤" • Flight Jason – $20 – "💜💚💛💙 V A P O R F U N K わたしは、あなたを愛しています" • Matt Mccord – $5 – "This stream is great. I listen to it while coding at work and home. Thank you! " • Russian King – $5 – "thank you for putting this together, its great to listen to when i work at my full-time job a a janitor." • KiaraHyenaGirl64 – $120 – "Hey! I've been using your station for background while I stream games. I'm not sure how to contact you to negotiate consent around that right now. I only have 1 or 2 regular viewers. Here's some money for the enjoyment I've gotten from your stream." • Gottam Unicorn – $1.99 – "Chiptunes in the mornin', Chiptunes in the evenin', Chiptunes at suppertime. When Krelez is playing Chiptunes, you can have Chiptunes anytime." • Revan – $5.00 – "I've been enjoying this for months, remember to always choose OpenBSD!" Background picture: LINK TO THE STREAM : Donate for the server and just because you can:

Видео для любителей серии Angry Birds! (Video for fans of the series Angry Birds!)

Надо найти все черепа, чтобы открыть бонусный уровень.

В игре присутствуют различные дополнительные режимы, открываемые в процессе прохождения основной игры. Они включают мини-игры, ребусы, выживание.

Надо найти все черепа, чтобы открыть бонусный уровень.


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