LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Walkthrough - Part 2 - Arkham Asylum Antics (Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3)

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LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Co-op Walkthrough part 2 - 'Arkham Asylum Antics' & 'Asylum Assignment' This video is the 2nd part of my LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Co-op walkthrough for the Xbox 360. This game is also on the PS3 and Wii U

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Playlist:

In this episode of the LEGO Batman 2 guide, I show how to unlock all of the boss characters in Gotham City. LEGO Batman 2 Playlist:

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE TOYS Slime Wheel Game with Surprise LEGO BATMAN TOYS Kids Games Video. Guess which LEGO BATMAN MOVIE character has the slime in its punchbox and then vote for the coolest toy. Video features new toys and LEGO BATMAN MOVIE blind bag characters and sets from the LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. Includes Blind Bags, Imaginext vehicles and even a throw-back Joker figure. Be our pal and subscribe here: Giant DINOSAUR TOYS Surprise Eggs + GIANT VOLCANO EGG Full of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Toys: DINOSAURS Surprise GIANT EGGs Toy Opening with Dinosaurs, Toy Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Toys: Godzilla Wakes GAMERA 2 vs Legion (1996) Movie Toys | Kaiyodo Revoltech Sci Fi Figures Review: Birth of GODZILLA Toys Hatching in SLIME SURPRISE EGGS | Godzilla vs Dinosaurs Toys Video 1: Godzilla's DINOSAUR FIGHT CLUB | Atomic Roar Godzilla Toy Review | Dinosaurs Videos for Kids: Thanks pals. Remember you choice King Kong Skull Island or DINOSAURS?

I know I already posted a video of the demo, but I wanted to re-play the demo to show 2 things. First off I wanted to show this game's version of the "Citizen in Peril" which is called "Stan Lee in Peril" you can see this at 05:28. Apparently Stan Lee will be somewhere in each level as well as the overworld and you will be able to save him to earn a gold brick. I believe from what I have read there will be 50 different times where Stan Lee will be in peril throughout the entire game. Also, I wanted to show what happens when you fill the stud meter on this demo. Apparently, the title is "True Believer" this time around. I don't know if there are any other minikits that can be collected on this demo. If anyone knows of any, I'd be interested to hear where they are. This video shows a complete playthrough of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo for the Xbox 360. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

This is episode 2 of my LEGO Batman: The Video Game walkthrough. This covers the introduction and the first level of the game called 'An Icy Reception' This is going to be a co-op walkthrough. I've never played this game before, so it's going to be a little weird doing it after playing LEGO Batman 2, but at least I'll be more familiar with all of the characters. LEGO Batman The Video Game Walkthrough Playlist:

This video shows me finishing off LEGO City Undercover 100% on PS4. There is a 100% reward / cheat that unlocks that lets you play as a huge minifigure. Also, at 450 gold bricks you unlock the Chase McCain statue and stud fountain in King's Court. LEGO City Undercover (PS4) Playlist:


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