The Tortured Path Zombies DLC 3 Part 2 - Call of Duty WW2

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The Tortured Path Zombies DLC 3 Part 2 - Call of Duty WW2

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Option 1 - Chloe absent, Farid Alive Option 2 - Chloe rescued in Second Chance, Farid dead Option 3 - Chloe rescued in Karma, Farid dead Option 4 - Chloe rescued in Second Chance, Farid alive Option 5 - Chloe rescued in Karma, Farid alive Option 6 - (Not shown) Chloe absent, Farid absent Option 7 - Briggs pistol whipped by Salazar (same outcome as shooting him in the leg) Option 8 - Briggs killed by Menendez Option 9- Harper survives Achilles' Veil (Salazar death scene) Option 10 - Harper killed in Achilles' Veil (Salazar Spared - See here:

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