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Gameplay do deck de Mago Agressivo ( Face Mage ) usando cartas da nova expansão Bosque das Bruxas ( The Witchwood ) no Modo Padrão ( Standard ) do Hearthstone


Código do deck:

SECRET TEMPO MAGE 2018 | THE WITCHWOOD | HEARTHSTONE ►Our Decks in Telegram: 💗Subscribe to our channel: Fr0zen's Twitch: Stream: If you like what you see, go ahead and click the Like button and subscribe to my channel for more! In this How to play video, I present Secret Tempo Mage - Kobolds and Catacombs edition! This video shows gameplay against Control Warlock and Zoolock Witchwood. This video is from the era of Year of the Mammoth Standard format and Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Even more interesting videos: ⭐Hearthstone videos: Secret Tempo Mage is a Hearthstone deck that's absolutely stuffed to the brim with Secrets and spells, and it's the type of deck that will leave the other player constantly fighting to keep up. All the way throughout each match they'll have to do their best to try and read the possible pitfalls that might lie ahead of them, and respond to your fiendish collection of Secrets as best they can - or can't, as will often turn out to be the case. While they're trying to read the board state, you'll be working to snowball your own side of the board with an increasingly deadly fighting force of your own. How exactly you play this process out depends very much on how those Secrets influence the board state, and the difficulties the opponent forces you to deal with too. In our Secret Tempo Mage guide, we've got the latest and greatest Witchwood deck list for you to use, along with some general strategy advice and tips for completing the Mulligan stage correctly. To wrap things up we've also covered all of the combos you can utilise using this exact version of the archetype. Making all of the plays second nature is absolutely vital for travelling the uncertain path each game is going to present you with! #hearthstone #random

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Gameplay do deck de Caçador Híbrido ( Hybrid Hunter ) que chegou top 1 legend usando cartas da nova expansão Bosque das Bruxas ( The Witchwood ) no Modo Padrão ( Standard ) do Hearthstone Código do deck: AAECAR8CxQiG0wIOqAK1A4cEyQTrB5cI2wn+DI7DAtfNAt3SAt/SAuPSAovlAgA= ARENA DE HUNTER:

Le deck mage impair, violent à souhait dans cette méta post nerf sur Hearthstone. Achetez la nouvelle extension Hearthstone Le Bois Maudit moins cher sur code : AAECAf0EAq8EnvgCDkRxoQKVA6sEtATsBbwI68ICj9MC0eEC++wC5e8CvfoCAA== Ma chaine : Planning stream : Tu peux me soutenir en t'abonnant et en me suivant sur mes réseaux sociaux : → Mon Facebook : → Mon Twitter :

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