Batman: Return to Arkham Asylum Ending - Joker's Party

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Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum PS4 Final Mission Walkthrough Video [Full HD 1080p] - Game played on Hard Difficulty

Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum Walkthrough (PS4) Playlist:


PART 11 - Ending \ Finale: Joker's Party

Primary Objectives:
- Go to the party.
- Defeat Joker before he destroys Gotham.

- Defeat Joker.


Related Achievements \ Trophies:
● Party Pooper - KO all the henchmen celebrating your arrival at the party
● Big Bang - Complete story mode on Easy difficulty
● Bigger Bang - Complete story mode on Normal difficulty
● Biggest Bang - Complete story mode on Hard difficulty
● Perfect Knight - 100% Complete


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One & PC
Video recorded on: Sony PS4


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Ultimately, the group decides to temporarily hold Clementine in the shed until the following day so they can see whether or not she will develop the fever usually associated with infection, despite Clementine's requests for her wound to be treated before it worsens. Deciding to find the supplies to treat herself, Clementine uses a hammer to break away a board blocking off a hole that led outside of the shed. Clementine has a choice to either sneak into the cabin through a gap beneath the patio and make her way inside via a trap door, or tap on a window catching Alvin's attention. She can then persuade Alvin via blackmail or pleading to give her some supplies as well as a juice box. Once inside, Clementine can eavesdrop on the group's meeting, where she finds them still unable to decide over what to do with her and heads upstairs to acquire the necessary resources from the various rooms, including a roll of rags from the main bedroom to serve as a makeshift bandage if she failed to enlist Alvin's aid. Whilst in the bathroom, she's able to acquire a needle but is forced to hide after hearing someone approaching, and notices Rebecca in a visibly distressed state, worriedly talking to herself about the identity of her baby before leaving. Clementine then heads into the other bedroom, only to notice that Sarah is inside and has discovered her. Despite this, she willingly offers her help to Clementine and displays a friendly interest in her, curious as to whether or not she's her friend. Regardless of what Clementine says, she offers a bottle of peroxide normally used by her dad to treat her when she's cut to Clementine and asks that she doesn't tell anyone that she helped her. Heading back to the shed, Clementine painfully disinfects her wound with the peroxide before using the needle and some fishing wire to suture her wound shut. When trying to bandage the wound to stop the bleeding, she accidentally drops the roll of rags near the hole in the wall. Reaching down to grab it, she is suddenly attacked by a walker which had been attracted by her blood and cries of pain. It grabs her foot, and despite her efforts to get free, it breaks its way through the hole and inside of the locked shed. Climbing atop her, the walker attempts to bite Clementine in a similar manner that Sandra had attempted to bite Lee in "A New Day", but is knocked back after Clementine hits it with a brick. She is then able to use a rake to push it back and impale it onto a nearby anchor. Before it is able to pull itself free, Clementine quickly grabs the hammer and begins to bludgeon the walker over the head with it, again shadowing Lee's killing of Sandra in the previous season. As Clementine kills the walker, her captors burst into the shed after hearing the noise. "The Walking Dead" Season 2 by Telltale Games. Episode 1 "All That Remains" ► Watch more Walking Dead videos:

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