LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Gwenpool Bonus Mission #8 - Oscorp Escapade (Lizard Boss Fight)

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This video shows Gwenpool Bonus Mission #8 - Oscorp Escapade Completing this mission in story mode unlocks Venom, Carnage and Ultimate Venom.

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Carnage and Venom are popular characters in the Spiderman universe. Here are 10 Things Venom and Carnage Have In Common! Subscribe to our channel: Peter Parker has gone up against some serious opponents. Spider-Man has gone up against The Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus, The Vulture and The Green Goblin. These were all formidable opponents who made life difficult for Spider-Man. There are two super villains that rank at the top of the list- Carnage and Venom. These two consistently battle Peter and make it very difficult for him to figure out a way to win. Could you imagine having to go up against one of these creatures? They are the stuff nightmares are made of. Both Venom and Carnage are a result of an alien lifeform. While the first alien symbiote was discovered by Deadpool, who's been both Venom and Carnage at some points, it was Spider-Man that helped release this creature into the world. After Spider-Man discovered their shared weakness of sound and rid himself of the suit, it found its way to Eddie Brock. From Eddie Brock, who shared a jail cell with madman Cletus Kasady, Carnage was formed when the Venom suit spawned. It went into Kasady’s bloodstream and turned him into Carnage. From that point on, both men and their alien counterparts have been linked. Carnage and Venom are widely known in the universe, having each had multiple hosts over the years. Because they are from the same life form, they share similar abilities as well as weaknesses. The web slinging superhero does everything he can to beat both villains, but it isn’t always easy. At least they have so much in common he doesn’t have to do as much Spidey homework to figure out how to beat them.

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This is a hard mode platinum medal run through the Carnage level in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on Xbox 360. This level is from the Ultimate Spider-Man Dimension. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Playlist:

This video showcases all of the symbiote characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Playlist:


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