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THIS IS THE CRAZIEST AND BEST ABANDONED SPOT I HAVE EVER RIDDEN BMX ON! Big ramps, small ramps, rails, ledges! This place has everything!
Me and Benedicte is on Mallorca on holiday and i wanted to go ride, so i went to this awesome place.

BMX EXPLORING THIS CRAZY ABANDONED HOTEL WAS INTENSE!! I rode loads of street spots in Mallorca, and came over this abandoned hotel, and i had to check it out and try ride BMX on it. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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ПРЫГНУЛ C ВЫШКИ 10 МЕТРОВ на BMX Канал "Уральские райдеры" - Всегда мечтал прыгнуть с большой высоты, с какой нибудь вышки на велосипеде (BMX). Очень крутые ощущения) Хоть у меня страха высоты нету, но всё равно с байком прыгать очень страшно и опасно. Спасибо всем за лайки! если найдете видос как кто-нибудь прыгает на велосипеде в воду с большей высоты скидывайте в комменты. Но мне кажется пока в мире это рекорд)) Подписывайтесь на мой инстаграм - Страница вк - ЗАКАЗАТЬ РЕКЛАМУ сюда - Другие прыжки в воду - Мой второй канал - Присоединяйтесь)

BMX best trick compilation Best tricks 2017 00:00 barspin to nose manual to tailwhip 00:06 bmx flair tailwhip to tabletop 00:12 180 tailwhip drop to fakie 00:18 bmx double flair 00:29 360 barspin to double tailwhip (truckdriver to double whip) 00:36 tailwhip to whip back (bmx windshield wiper) 00:46 bunny hop double peg grind to nose manual barspin 00:52 180 double barspin to fakie double bar 01:01 360 tailwhip 01:14 longest bmx manual and nose manual balance 01:37 double backflip, cash roll, 1080 01:50 180 to fakie 540 01:58 bmx world first flair barspin to downside tailwhip 02:11 barspin icepick grind to bar 02:26 bmx truckdriver over a stairs 02:43 720 double tailwhip 02:53 double tailwhip to barspin 03:01 bmx double flip 03:09 tailwhip to fufanu 03:30 backflip to double peg rail grind 03:38 360 double tailwhip to footjam 03:44 frontflip tailwhip on bmx 04:03 flip bar tuck no hander, 720 double whip 04:12 bunny hop tailwhip to whiplash on flat 04:18 double peg grind to hard double barspin 04:29 180 tailwhip to fakie oppo whip to halfcab tailwhip 04:45 world first bmx cannonball oppo barspin to finger tailwhip 04:56 longest bmx rail grind over a river 05:21 flair tailwhip 05:24 tailwhip barspin (twix) 05:30 360 triple downside tailwhip 05:43 hang 5 to tailwhip 06:08 bmx ride on a lamborghini 06:14 rail grind to 360 06:25 big flair downside tailwhip transfer 06:53 decade to manual to 180 07:02 bunny hop bar, oppo barspin, whip, oppo tailwhip 07:09 frontflip tailwhip to tuck no hander 07:15 hulfcab crankflip barspin 07:24 360 footplant to nose manual 360 07:34 backflip footjam to fakie 07:43 manual rail ride to 180 07:51 hop tailwhip to step up to oppo whip to 360 08:01 footplant frontflip 08:23 wallride flair 08:48 frontflips 09:02 bunny hop crankflip barspin 09:08 bmx quadriple tailwhip 09:20 360 tuck no hander to manual 09:29 360 triple tailwhip 09:41 nollie barspin bmx roof drop 09:49 rail ride to tailwhip 10:03 flip bar to tuck no hander 10:11 barspin to manual backflip 10:20 hop tailwhip 10:30 540 barspin to fakie 10:45 backflip tap to footjam

THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE CRAZIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A BMX BIKE, EVER!! My buddy Erik and i came up with a crazy idea: try ride a mountain bike downhill course on a BMX. We nailed it!! We came to the bottom and there was a huge skijump there, and we had to check it out! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!


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