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ItsFearZ vs kid in COD 1v1 BO2 Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed and want more bye ;)

MW3 Infected Funny Moments with Keyless

MW2 Hide and Seek with Friends (Funny Moments) I just wanna sorry for not uploading for while I've just been really lazy lately which I know isn't good even if you have a YouTube channel. But heres a 9min vid of hide and seek to make up for you guys. I hope you enjoy this and if you want more we have to reach 5 likes on this video. Have a great day (or night) and I will cya all later........ :)

Sorry for not making ep.2 a long time ago the reason why is because some of these lobbies are filled with trickshoters (like these) and one man army noobtubes which pisses me off a lot. But anyways here is ep.2 drop a LIKE for ep.3. COD Ninja Ep.2 (Short)

BO2 Zombies in 2018


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