Drake and Josh in Pikmin

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I was bored.

Originally a small sequence that gradually turned into a full fledged short. Took a while but I had a lot of fun with this. Follow me on Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/joelontoast Newgrounds: http://joelontoast.newgrounds.com/

Sublevels: 7 Treasures: 15 Hazards: Water, Electricity, Poison Boss: Pileated Snagret The last cave in the Awakening Wood. This one can get quite hard in the later sublevels. Make sure you bring about 25-30 blues. Along the way, you'll be facing off against four burrowing snagrets. Be careful when exploring! Other enemies include cannon beetles and antenna beetles. These pests will mess up your treasure gauge until you deal with them. The boss is one of the mightier enemies in the game, the Pileated Snagret. However... well, just watch the video. This cave is great for getting more reds, blues and yellows. You have access to three queen candypops, so you can get up to 27 of whatever combination of colors you'd like each time you enter.

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Hello! I'm Scruffy, and today I'm going to show you some interesting trivia about the amazingly detailed models in Pikmin 3! This game really pushed the envelope for the Pikmin series with its modeling and texturing detail, and its experimentation! I hope you enjoy it! Here's the link to my Pikmin 2 sound effect trivia video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5x2Y5dbf9Q&lc=z13qdxk5ay2egnxja04cdfeqynrmuprh1mw0k

This is the music for The Final Trial, the final area in the game Pikmin 1 Music can be found here http://www.pikminreturns.com/content/view/37/42/


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