Como deixar o cabeça-dura e o baquetador 100% felizes no My Singing Monsters

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Bom esse conteúdo é novo no canal mas vou continuar trazendo , tudo que descobrir compartilharei com vocês , espero que gostem!

Fantominho e açúcar-bushbno msm My Singing Monsters

Eu sugiro se a sua conta no my singing monster não for conectada ao facebook então nem adianta assistir ao vídeo Deixa aquele like e se inscreve no canal pra não perder os proximos videos

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You start with an empty island… it’s all quiet… when suddenly - BAM, Singing Monsters. These bizarre critters do exactly as advertised – they sing! But here’s the cool part – as you breed more and more, the music grows and grows until you have a song! Collect one of each to experience the whole tune, and unlock different songs as you move from island to island. Customize the monster world with structures and decorations however you like – after all, they’re YOUR Singing Monsters. Also - sorry in advance for the songs getting stuck in your head. It can’t be helped – you’re going to love this game. Download My Singing Monsters today - Happy Monstering! FEATURES: • Over 100 unique monsters to collect, nurture, and love • Amazing art, animation, and audio effects • Lush islands, each with its own musical theme • Dozens of wacky decorations and structures • Built-in social features and activities • New and exciting content is always in the works! Leave a like, it really helps ;) Thank you! WB Show Merchandise Subscribe: Twitch: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

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