TF2 Halloween. Book Achivement.

author ScukoDEN   6 years ago

I thought i'll take a break from animations for a bit and record some gameplay. Hope this don't make ya'll to mad. IP: (The server is kinda broken, but is being fixed) My steam group: Donate to me if you like (steam):

Follow Me on Facebook: List of Characters Transformations & Fusions order in the video: Goku - SSJ,SSJ2,SSJ3 Teen Gohan - SSJ,SSJ2 Gohan - SSJ,SSJ2 Vegeta - SSJ,USSJ,SSJ2 Trunks (Sword) - SSJ Trunks (Fighting Teen) - SSJ,USSJ Kid Trunks - SSJ Goten - SSJ Gotenks - SSJ,SSJ3 Vegito - SSJ Zarbon - Second Form. Frieza - Second,Third,Final,100% Form Cell - Second,Third,Final,Ultimate Form Super Buu - Buutenks,Buuhan Cooler - Final Form Android 13 - Fusion Broly - SSJ, LSSJ Bojack - Full Power Gotenks Vegito Super Gogeta

The Avengers ain't got squat

Injustice 2 dublado jogando Multiplayer com a batalha do Superman VS Supergirl. Qual deles será que vai vencer? INSCREVA-SE E ATIVE O SININHO :D


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