TF2 Halloween. Book Achivement.

author ScukoDEN   6 years ago

In this new Halloween update for TF2, Merasmus must be defeated!

How you can get the book misc item and the "Dive into a good book" achievement. Just jump into the red portal that he creates when he dies.

Here is my replay/video tutorial for dealing with MONOCULUS! Monoculus is a new boss for TF2 added during the 2011 Holiday Event. He spawns on koth_viaduct_event at random intervals. When he is spawned, the capture point becomes uncapturable and the capture times are put on hold. A health bar will appear under the capture timers. Monoculus can fly and hover, and attacks by firing reskinned crit rockets at whoever he is currently looking at. There is no warning that you are the current target, so be on guard. After doing enough damage, Monoculus will disappear, leaving a blue portal behind; players entering the portal are teleported to the "Underworld". Once there, they will constantly take a small amount of damage until they die or are able to cross the area to the white glowing door on the other end of the land mass. While Loot Island is visible, players are unable to travel to it until Monoculus is destroyed. Upon successfully escaping from the Underworld and back to the map proper, the player will be given a speed boost, invulnerability, and automatic criticals for a short period of time. If they damage Monoculus during this time, they will stun him, making him easier to hurt. Continue attacking Monoculus until he is defeated, at which point he will sink to the ground and explode, jarating those around him. This will give players the "Optical Defusion" achievement. In his place will be a book, the Bombinomicon. Jump into the book to be teleported to Loot island, where the Bombinomicon sits on a pedastal with a fence around it. Get close and the fence will lower. Jump onto the book again to receieve your prize and the "Dive Into A Good Book" achievement. If Monoculus is not defeated within a set time limit, he will disappear without giving any items or achievements.


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