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Watch me play PUBG MOBILE!

✔️ LOOTS YOU CAN SUPPORT ME HERE FOR FREE (Screen shoutout) ► ✔️ LIVE STREAM CHANNEL ► Tamago ➜ ► Twitch ➜ ► Youtube ➜ ► Facebook ➜ ✔️ DONATION This is my full time job, so all your donations are really appreciated. THANK YOU in advance. (all donations will be shown on the stream) (Please screen shot and send email to your bank-in slip if donation directly to my Bank's account) ► Paypal ➜ ► Maybank ➜ 164490198310 (Andi Basri) ✔️ DISCORD LINK ► MMG ➜ ► SEA GAMING ➜ ✔️ BIO ► I am known as MrCocan in gaming community. Fulltime streamers is my career. I do streaming in youtube, facebook, Twicth & Tamago. I am also a caster, I do cast for game events i.e. Mobile & PC Games. I do production for live streaming events. ✔️ SPONSORED BY ► ✔️ STREAM SCHEDULE (Malaysia) ► Monday ➜ 2pm - 10pm ► Teusday ➜ 2pm - 10pm ► Wednesday ➜ 2pm - 6pm ► Thursday ➜ 2pm - 10pm ► Friday ➜ 3pm - 10pm ► Saturday ➜ OFF (Events) ► Sunday ➜ OFF (Events) ✔️ SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitch ➜ ► Twitter ➜ ► Gaming ➜ ► Youtube ➜ ► Instagram ➜ ► Facebook ➜ ► Facebook Page ➜ ✔️ STORE & ONLINE SHOP Extra discount code "MrCocan" can be used here : ► Gaming & Accessories ➜ (SKIP AD selepas 5 saat) ► Camera & Accessories ➜ (SKIP AD selepas 5 saat) ► Handphone & Accessories ➜ (SKIP AD selepas 5 saat) ✔️ CONTACT ► For Business inquiries ➜ Best regards, MrCocan __________________________________________________________________ NOTICE: ► Please, do not upload my videos without my written permission! ► Keep the comment section clean, no hating on other Ites. Spread the love of our community.

Support the stream:尼亞斯 此頻道非"技術台" 而是輕鬆娛樂耍蠢的"娛樂台" 請技術狂人點擊右上角叉叉,謝謝合作! 現在在YouTube Gaming看直播可以贊助囉! 直播台規定: 聊天室有設定30~60秒留言限制 也就是每個人30~60秒可以發言一次 這是為了避免有人重複一直發同樣的言論 請勿洗頻(提醒一次就會禁言300秒,再犯就可能會永久禁言) 請勿人身攻擊他人(包含酸言酸語以及87)(直接300秒禁言) 管理員是依照台主意思去管台,不會意氣用事 如果有此情況,請截圖並私訊台主 請勿一直要求台主理你或回你 請勿在直播時問我何時拍其他遊戲 或問我可不可以拍其他遊戲 因為在直播遊戲時沒辦法認真思考其他遊戲 一次直播通常只會玩一種遊戲 請勿在直播中問隱私問題(如住處) 請勿在直播中推薦遊戲或命令我玩其他遊戲 請勿在直播中命令我做甚麼 請在聊天室互相尊重,勿拿他人暱稱做過份玩笑或吵架 請勿劇透(透露遊戲劇情) 台主解釋時如果要在那邊崩潰說是玻璃心 那台主也會直接BAN掉你,因為台主不想浪費時間跟你解釋 台主會適時跟觀眾溝通 如有不滿就不送了 尼亞斯觀眾常見問題: (有任何問題都請先看過這網站之後再發問) 尼亞斯粉絲專頁:

Xem tôi chơi Free Fire! Tên nhân vật trong game : Vest7Gaming Facebook : - Group Tập đoàn Vest7Gaming : - nhân đổi thẻ thẻ game các loại - nhân cầy thuê lên Kim cương giá 50k - đăng ký kênh ủng hộ mình nhé :

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