Slime Rancher - Glass Desert

author Caden Brenize   9 mounths ago

I went to the Glass Desert and caught Dervish and Mosaic Slimes!!!!!

Piggy has a nightmare about slimes that comes true!!!

I'm trying to complete my slimepedia 100% Watch at 6:00 to see a MEGA CHICKEN!!!!!!

*IMPORTANT*. Do you want a 20% discount on your order at Fatalgrips? Then use the code "FUZION"! You might need 1-3 slime keys for this, if it's your first time going to the Glass Desert.

I am not fully aware of everything that has to be done with quantum slimes but this is how I take care of them. It's not 100% and it might be a bit far but oh well. Do what you need to do. Also, I was sick during this recording and wanted to upload a video to youtube because I haven't in awhile. Have fun everyone. Also redsdracomancer helped me find alot of treasure pods/lemon trees. and other things. he good human, best good human. mhm. 10/10

I made a video of a new slime rancher world by myself. I LOVE CRYSTAL SLIMES!!!!


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