Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough Part 39 - Darker Side of the Moon (Final Level)

author packattack04082   4 mounths ago

In this video, I complete the Darker Side of the moon and reach 880 moons, which also unlocks the final painting for a final boss rematch.

Mario Odyssey Playlist:

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In this video, I complete the secret final boss fight that is only unlocked after getting all 880 moons in the game. I also buy my way up to 999 moons and show off the 100% reward. Mario Odyssey Playlist:

Watch the next big collaboration!!: ANIMATORS (in order of appearance): Pasty’s Bakery: MCQSquare: Fahyda: It’s Me Ivan/The Pixelation: GamerRaven: Heckray: Krusper Butter: KingIke75: It’s Me Ivan/The Pixelation: Canox (Chrystophe13): FlowJoe: Canox (Chrystophe13): SoulHunter67: RGPAnims: DavidChao23: LuigiMarioGaming: PixelMation: Pasty’s Bakery: DoujinPixation: KewlZonic: DevyAnimates: LuigiMarioGaming: Pasty’s Bakery: AJZeMeemScoot: RGPAnims: FlowJoe: StarJeti: HeiseiGoji91: MC179: StarJeti: AJZeMeemScoot: HeiseiGoji91: PixelMation: Pasty’s Bakery: Fahyda: MCQSquare: MCQSquare: AJZeMeemScoot: DavidChao23: davidpuralocura: AbomiYeti: MCQSquare: THUMBNAIL BY: ShirukenMaster: MUSIC USED: SMW - Forest of Illusion Orchestra SM64 - Bomb-omb Battlefield Remix SMB3 - Athletic Remix SMG - Toy Time Factory Overseer - Velocity Shift SM64 - Piranha Plant Lullaby nintendo pls don’t sue us :( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MESSAGE FROM: Quadrilateral Square / MCQSquare I like to thank EVERYONE involved with this 10 minute collaboration. I actually had fun working on this for a month and it turned out to be a success!! Also, thank you guys for watching! These guys are REALLY good animators so check them out! 😄 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➥SUBSCRIBE: ➥2nd Channel: ➥Newgrounds: ➥Hyun's Dojo: ➥Google+: ➥Discord Server: Banner from: DevyAnimates -

Part 1 of a 100% walkthrough guide for Super Mario Sunshine. This part covers the introduction and first couple shine sprites in Bianco Hills. This was played and recorded on my Nintendo Wii. This might be my favorite Mario game of all-time. In this walkthrough you will notice that I skip all blue coins. I did that so that I could make a proper guide for each area of the game collecting all blue coins in one continuous video. Super Mario Sunshine 100% Walkthrough Playlist: 05:34 to 06:18 - Cleaning Delfino Airstrip - Shine Sprite #1 14:02 - Bianco Hills Episode 1 - Road to the Big Windmill - Shine Sprite #2 16:48 - Bianco Hills Episode 2 - Down with Petey Piranha - Shine Sprite #3

This video shows the location of Peach in each of the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. Below are the time stamps for each particular Kingdom. Please use them to quickly find the location you wish to see. Super Mario Odyssey Playlist: 00:21 to 01:20 - Cap Kingdom 01:21 to 02:02 - Cascade Kingdom 02:05 to 03:06 - Sand Kingdom 03:07 to 04:12 - Wooded Kingdom 04:14 to 05:00 - Lake Kingdom 05:02 to 05:42 - Cloud Kingdom 05:43 to 06:18 - Lost Kingdom 06:20 to 07:33 - Metro Kingdom 07:35 to 08:17 - Seaside Kingdom 08:20 to 09:15 - Snow Kingdom 09:17 to 10:03 - Luncheon Kingdom 10:05 to 10:51 - Ruined Kingdom 10:53 to 11:32 - Bowser's Kingdom 11:34 to 12:38 - Moon Kingdom 12:40 to 13:59 - Mushroom Kingdom


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