Batman Arkham Knight - Todos os Trajes (Costumes/Skins)

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Todos os Trajes, roupas ou skins e costumes do jogo, incluindo as de DLC.

The community has been waiting for a moment like this. Here's a tutorial on how to Free Roam with All Characters in Batman Arkham Knight! ★:Follow me on Twitter: ★:Like me on Facebook: ★:Follow me on Instagram: ★:Follow me on Vine: ★:Intro Created By: and Like, Favourite, Comment and Subscribe! Batman: Arkham Knight brings all-out war to Gotham City. The hit-and-run skirmishes of Batman: Arkham Asylum, which escalated into the devastating conspiracy against the inmates in Batman: Arkham City, culminates in the ultimate showdown for the future of Gotham. At the mercy of Scarecrow, the fate of the city hangs in the balance as he is joined by a huge roster of other infamous villains.

!!!UPDATED!!! to answer FAQ's READ HERE FOR ANY QUESTIONS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! Q) Who makes the suit? Where can I buy? How much? A) The Suit is made by David Pea at Sizing and pricing help has to be found there as I am not responsible for their business. Q) Where'd you get your mask/cowl? How much? A) My The Dark Knight (TDK) Cowl or mask was custom made from a person who lists on eBay (sorry lost the info) but there are a few guys who make them and they cost around $200-$300. Just keep searching and good luck! Q) What kinda helmet is that? A) My Motorcycle helmet is a Airoh TR2. Q) I measured myself and it says I should buy a S (small) ??? A) My size on the suit says an XS (xtra small) but I am 5'10" and 160 lbs. So the suits run big! Q) Why do you talk so much? A) I like my reviews to be informative, well thought of and entertaining, which takes a lot of work. I hope you appreciate that. More info below. This is a review on Universal Designs Motorcycle Suit. This suit was expertly designed by David Pea. It fashions as both a costume and fully functioning motorcycle leather suit. I reviewed this Suit from both the motorcycle rider and costume wearers point-of-view. I have over 10 years of motorcycle riding experience and I am big comic nerd, so this was right up my alley. Any questions or comments you may have, feel free to leave them and I'll try to answer. I try to add a little "entertainment" value to anything I do. I hope you enjoy!

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