FREE Black OPS 2 XP/Camo Lobby XBOX & XBOX ONE

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FREE Modded Lobby! Black Ops 2! Xbox One/Xbox 360! XP/Camo Lobby!


Cohost: $2 A Game
Perm Cohost: $20 (You will get FREE recoveries with this, also you will be allowed to let your friends use the mod menu also.)
Aim + Knife to open the mod menu, X to go back and A to select
- Recoveries -
Black Ops 2: $5
Black Ops 3: $7
Modern Warfare 3: $4 (Godmode classes extra $1)
Black Ops 1: $4 (Godmode classes extra $1)
Advanced Warefare: $4
Modern Warfare 2: $3
Call Of Duty Modern Warefare (COD4): $3
World At War: $3
- Commands -
Do !commands for a list of all the commands!
How to get in:

1. Subscribe

2. Like the Video

3. follow the instructions below

1. Go to messages
2. Select Create new
3. Select Private Chat
4. Enter my gamertag: stayimodguys
5. Select Profile, Join :)

If you are an XBOX ONE user:

[Shout out Versa for this method]

Other Information:
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Snapchat: billybob313

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CHECK OUT BCC PLUS NOW, CLICK HERE! - In todays video we have Vibez who goes into Black Ops 2 lobbies with his funny mods and trolls random players bad. More from him below! Creator here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to submit: 1) Upload a video to youtube (unlisted or public) 2) Simply go on our channel and send it to us via 'Send message' 3) In the youtube message let us know that we're are allowed to upload it & put the link to the video in that message. 4) That's it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't forget to follow us on twitter :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you havn't subscribed already, what are you doing! find the funniest videos from us everyday here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Open me- Hey guys today im showing you how to mod on Black Ops 2 for Xbox 360 and now kinda for the Xbox One this is how people mod black ops 2 with a RGH or Jtag ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out xAndrew2007x! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Fullscreen for a Youtube Partnership (ONLY NEED 100 SUBS) Want to join up in a FREE modded lobby? Join my group and wait for posts saying when im hosting (Posts come every two weeks!) To purchase a service message my Facebook page :P Follow Me On Twitter :D Become A Member At My Website :) Make Sure To Drop A Like And Subscribe! Thanks For Watching :)

How To Install A Black Ops 2 Mod Menu (Custom Games) ® ™ -June 2017- [XBOX ONE/XBOX 360/PS3/PS4] The New mod for Black Ops 2 is just amazing it have so many features. The Mod Menu works online and also functions perfectly for call of duty Black Ops 2 Zombies! with these mods you can also host BO2 infections. no need for Jailbreak, Jtag (will also work if jtagged) ▼Features▼ Main Menu Weapon Menu Rapid fire Xp Lobby Host Menu Players Menu All Players Menu Models Menu Vision Menu Lobby Settings Account Menu ✔ More Features than revolution mod menu and elegance mod menu and Black Ops 2 Bossam V6 Mod Menu GSC 1.19 The mods are very easy to use a video is included in the download where we explain step by step how you can setup your own mods. Do you still run into a problem feel free to contact us on the contact page ! ☞Instructions (how to get a mod menu) Download our Usb Mod Packet below Download your gamer profile form your xbox or ps3 onto your usb flash drive. Open the .exe file in the download and go to file Click on Open usb… and find ur flash drive. It will load now all you have to do in the .exe is click “Mod my account”. Once the modding process is done you can quit the .exe file. Now plug it into your console and sign in to your profile. Start Call of Duty Black Ops 2 it will log you off just sign back in. Go to Create a split screen game and start the match. It will be a modded game, quit match. Find a match online and you will have mods ! Mod Updated on: 9 / June / 2017 ▼▼▼ Open For Download Links ▼▼▼ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ This Video Contains: FREE [NO JAILBREAK] Black Ops 2 Mod Menu ONLINE PC PS3 XBOX + Download (BO2 MOD MENU "PS3 XBOX PC") XBOX + Download (BO2 MOD MENU "PS3 XBOX PC") xbox one mods, xbox one, xbox, xbox one jtag, xbox one rgh, mods, xbox one usb mods, gta 5 mod menu usb xbox, gta 5 usb mod menu, ▬mod menu usb, 'gta 5 usb mod menu online', gta 5 mod menu usb, how to install mods gta v, gta 5 mod menu usb ps3, gta 5 usb mod menu ps3, gta v mod menu tutorial, gta 5 mod menu usb xbox one, gta 5 mod menu usb ps4, gta 5 mod menu usb no jailbreak, online, l321, 'xbox one usb mods', gta v online mods, usb mod menu, ps3, ps4, gta 5 mods ps3, gta 5 mod menu download, gta 5 mods xbox 360, gta v mods ps3, waw mod menu, waw xbox one, world at war, world at war xbox one, waw xbox one mods, waw xbox one mod menu, mods menu, gta v mods xbox 360, gta v mod menu no jailbreak, install gta v mod menu with usb MW2, Challenge, lobby, free, subscribe, iDuStx, COD4


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