Batman: Arkham Knight - Azrael's Atonement: Nightwing - 3.33 million

author DyyynamicEntry   7 mounths ago

Posted 6/27/17 [PS4] - x909 on Knightmare

This challenge isn't really all that great. The Joker's Carnival challenge map is better in my opinion, because it has the Joker as well as levels, and more variety of enemies. Anyway, I just wanted to show a video of the level itself -- if you don't have this one you aren't missing out on anything. I got over a 100-hit combo and nothing special happens (like the Penguin coming out to fight). I got up to a 700-hit combo, but then I lost it, and got bored so I let myself die. I got 3 million or so points, and could have gotten more, but what's the point, ya know? I edited the video because it was too long. ICEBERG VIP LOUNGE ROOM: Survive as long as you can against and endless wave of enemies.

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