TOMY Sonic The Hedgehog: Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic Minifigure Set REVIEW

author GojiMattZilla 1994   2 mounths ago

In this video, I go over the Modern Sonic Plush by TOMY.

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Some parcels I received in the post this morning :)

Click to Subscribe: __ What would ALL of the Sonic Mania zones all look like if they were recreated in 3D with all of the shapes and colors of the original game? You're about to find out. Stay tuned for the full video - I'm still working on it! *creator notes* I created this method of portraying all of the 2D sprites as a three dimensional object by dividing all of the flat sprites/images up into blocky "3d pixels" then I extruded the pixels that needed to stand out more than others to achieve this 3d effect. Got an idea for the next game you'd like to see the 2d to 3d conversion for? Leave a message in the comments below, i'll take it on board! __ Listen and download all of the music from this channel for FREE on SoundCloud:


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