[полная версия] Эфир 22.08.2014. Maddyson играет в Fallout 2. 18+

author MD   3 years ago

Илья Мэддисон от начала и до конца проходит Fallout 2

e2: Looking at some of the comments I think I need to clarify things a bit: Yes, this ISN'T LEGIT, because I played this unpatched on a modern CPU. I was young and didn't know better. Besides that, this isn't even a good run. It's a segmented speedrun and it's not optimized at all, there are mistakes all over the place. Also, I have no idea why I do what I do in the run, because I never even played FO2 in the first place. So please, go watch better runs of FO2. Like Lee's one-handed one from AGDQ'13.

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