Alan Walker - Alone [Roblox Sad Love Story] [Read Desc] [100K]

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this is so outdated but anyways:
part 2 -
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Hey everyone! This is a story I stumbled upon on ROBLOX, and just had to share it. It is sad, but it gave me some inspiration to make the video. So. Yea. I may or may not be available once I get back into school, so the videos will be coming a bit slower than usual.

JOIN THE GROUP: This is a story about a kid struggling with bullying and loneliness who eventually learns that many people around him want to be his friend and want to prevent his constant problem with bullies. If you are being bullied, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BULLY BACK LIKE THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATES, this music video is merely a revenge-fantasy story. Tell an adult or someone you feel comfortable telling that you're being bullied; your parents, your teacher, a friend (etc.) and hopefully they will help you out in a more appropriate manner. "If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them." CAMEOS: -ObliviousHD -Kavra -BuurRBLX -Ambamby -MouseyCherie -Corl -DanTDM -Denis -EthanGamerTV -Loleris -Alexnewtron -Taymaster -Nikilis -Widgeon -Lando64000 -Defaultio -Merely -Cindering -CloneTrooper1019 -DadBlox -Wsly -Berezaa


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