Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs - Part 5

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Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs, Secrets and References - Part 5

Batman Arkham Easter Eggs Playlist:


0:00 - Easter Egg #75: Psychosis Mode
1:24 - Easter Egg #76: Penguin and Harley
2:56 - Easter Egg #77: Nite-Wing
3:19 - Easter Egg #78: Red Hood's Hit List
4:44 - Easter Egg #79: Reservoir Dogs
5:16 - Easter Egg #80: Two-Face's Memorabilia
6:11 - Easter Egg #81: Nora's Container
6:39 - Easter Egg #82: Tiny the Shark
7:08 - Easter Egg #83: Bane's Venom
7:32 - Easter Egg #84: Starro
9:30 - Easter Egg #85: Planet Master
10:19 - Easter Egg #86: The Man Who Killed Batman
11:02 - Easter Egg #87: The Laughing Fish
11:52 - Easter Egg #88: Joker's Balloons
12:33 - Easter Egg #89: Jurassic Park


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