Donkey Kong (Original) Full Playthrough (JP Arcade Version)

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This is emulated with MAME 0.119+. The American version only has the 1st and last levels, but the Japanese version also has the 2nd and 3rd. The name of this ROM is "Japan set 1".

There were a couple mistakes, but this was quick to complete compared to my many other videos. I'm sorry if my lack of skill in this game doesn't please you enough.


LEVEL 1: 25m: Jump over barrels, or smash them with hammers, and climb ladders to reach Pauline.

LEVEL 2: 50m: Reach Donkey Kong's floor by climbing moving ladders and passing conveyer belts while avoiding fires, pies, and Donkey Kong, himself.

LEVEL 3: 75m: Use elevators and ladders while avoiding fires and springboards to reach Pauline's floor.

LEVEL 4: 100m: Use ladders to climb and break all of the pegs, while avoiding or destroying puffy flames with hammers.. Once you break all of the pegs, Donkey Kong will fall, and Jumpman, a.k.a. Mario, will be reunited for good.

And then the game starts RIGHT over again... *sigh*

In Levels 2 - 4, you can collect items for extra points. These are Pauline's sunhat, umbrella, and purse. The Bonus at the top-right corner of the screen is also a time limit. 1 second of time multiplied by 100 represents the Bonus points you get after beating the level. If the Bonus hits 000, you die!

In Levels 1 & 4, hammers will let you break barrels in Level 1, and flames in Level 4 for a few seconds. However, you can't jump with them, and you can't climb ladders with them. Because of how they're set up in those levels, you can't even use them to hit Donkey Kong if you tried. Notice how the flames in Level 4 turn blue when you grab a hammer. It's as if you were Pac-Man and they were Ghosts.

American NES Version:

American Arcade (US set 1) Version:

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HOLY CRAP! Over 132,000 views! I wonder if it has to do with that... particularly infamous movie known as Pixels, hmmmm...?

Oh well. Love it or hate it, if you're trying to figure out where Donkey Kong came from in that movie, look no further. The things you see the characters do to get through this game in that movie may end up being different from what you see out of the game itself, here.

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4/3/16 UPDATE: Since this video's proven to be an extremely popular video thanks to the game's appearance in Pixels, I may consider making quick playthroughs of some of the other arcade games that also showed up in that movie. I'm not really interested in seeing the movie, itself, though, but I might change my mind later.


And not only that, as of this post of 7/9/16, this, the original Donkey Kong arcade game, is now officially over 35 years old! CONGRATULATIONS!

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Donkey Kong Classic (A Short Film By Banks) Watch Video Breakdown Here: This video is in no way associated with Nintendo or any of its subsidiaries. Cast: Mustache Man played by: Banks Lady played by: Banks' Wife Donkey Kong played by: Himself Bowser played by: King Koopa Filmed by: Banks Directed by: Banks Produced by: Banks Edited by: Banks Visual FX: Banks Based on the "Donkey Kong Classic" video game. Music is by Banks, based off of the theme and sounds from the "Donkey Kong Classic" and "SMW" video game. Huge Thanks to: God, Cam, Bob, and Patti. Subscribe to website and youtube channel to keep updated with latest content. -------------------- Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

NEW NON STRETCHED VERSION HERE: After I heard about this game I shed a nostalgic tear... Then I searched and searched and finally, I played it... This is a finely crafted game with increased difficulty, 8 levels (4 old, 4 new) and to top it all off... was not made by Nintendo! The creator's name is Jeff Kulczycki. He has modded various coin-op machines (Dragon's Lair for example). But after 3 1/2 years of on and off hard work... This amazing "should of been the actual sequel" was born! This is being played with the MAME emulator by me... (Since coming across a cabinet is extremely hard!) Enjoy the epicness! P.S. Since I'm almost at 400,000 views and I'm a nice guy, Here's a link to the awesome rom and emulator I used here so YOU can play this! ROM: Emulator: and also, here's a link to the Newgrounds flash version which goes by the name of DK Arcade Returns 2: Played by: Kage Negra This is the alternate arcade version of Donkey Kong Jr. Instead of skipping around having to beat Mario over and over to beat all levels. You go through all four levels in one shot.

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