Toilet Plays Arkham Knight (Finally) Pt 1!

author Toilet Feast   4 weeks ago

I finally get around to playing Arkham Knight, like, two years after it came out. Cutting edge gamings! -- Watch live at

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There are 10 Riddler Trials in Batman Arkham Knight. Completing all of them will earn you the following trophies / achievements: The Road to Hell [Bronze/ 10G] Pieces of the Puzzle [Bronze / 10G] The Cat and the Bat [Bronze / 10G] Riddler on the Rampage [Bronze / 10G] The Burning Question [Bronze / 10G] The Primal Riddle [Bronze / 10G] Death by Design [Bronze / 10G] The Riddle Factory [Bronze / 10G] Lethal Pursuits [Bronze / 10G] Nine Lives [Bronze / 10G] Riddle Me That [Silver / 30G] They are all part of the side mission "Riddler's Revenge". You will automatically obtain this side mission very early in the game. You don't need to find any of the Riddler trophies to play them. You will, however, need all 243 Riddler trophies to lock up Riddler in GCPD to finish this side mission! The 243 trophies are hidden around the open world. Interrogate riddler informants to reveal their locations on your world map. To play the 10 trials you just need to go to their starting point (they must be done in the correct order). Completing a trial will immediately unlock the next one. You will also get 2 upgrade points per trial, so it's well worth the time. After completing all 243 riddles & doing all 10 riddler trials you can lock up the Riddler in GCPD to conclude this side mission. You can still do this after beating the main story (there is free roam after beating the game). Helped you out? Support this channel: SUBSCRIBE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ____________________________________ Batman: Arkham Knight Trophies and Achievements: I AM the Batman! Reclaim your city. A Battle Within Fight for your sanity. A Heart Broken in Two Secure the secret base. A Leap of Faith Complete 8 different jumps over 100 meters. Absolution Achieve 69 Stars in AR Challenges. Blunt Trauma Perform every type of predator takedown. Brutality 101 Perform 15 different combat moves in one FreeFlow. Choice of Weapons Use all five Batmobile weapons successfully in one tank battle. Cold World Destroy the first weapons cache in Gotham City. Cycle of Violence Use 100 Quick Gadgets while in free flow combat. Dark Allegiances Apprehend Scarecrow's senior commander. Days of Fire Extinguish the fires in Gotham City. Death and Glory Take out 20 thugs with fear takedowns. Death by Design Obtain a key by completing the seventh Riddler trial. Death of Innocents Rescue station 17 fire crew. Dirty Tricks Achieve 3 minutes of drifting time in the Batmobile. Double Jeopardy Face off with an old friend. Fortunate Son Achieve 46 Stars in AR Challenges. Gates of Gotham Destroy all of the militia watchtowers. Gotham After Midnight Glide for 400 meters while less than 20 meters from the ground. Gotham Underground Defuse all of the militia explosive ordinance in Gotham City. Jekyll & Hyde Stop the bank heist on Miagani Island and lock up the master mind in GCPD. Knightfall Initiate Knightfall Protocol. Lethal Pursuits Obtain a key by completing the ninth Riddler trial. Living Hell Interrogate the Militia APC Driver. Master of Fear Wayne vs Crane. Nine Lives Obtain a key by completing the last Riddler trial. No Man's Land Restore power to the bridges of Gotham City. Pieces of the Puzzle Obtain a key by completing the second Riddler trial. Point of Impact Perform 5 perfect shots in a row with the Vulcan Gun without taking damage. Riddle Me That Lock up the Riddler in GCPD. Riddler on the Rampage Obtain a key by completing the fourth Riddler trial. Run Through the Jungle Fly under 3 main bridges between the islands in one continuous glide. Savage Metal Smash 10 militia transport vehicles off the road without using the immobilizer. Scar of the Bat Cure the doctor. Seduction of the Gun Achieve 50 critical shots on light tanks. Sins of Youth Achieve 23 Stars in AR Challenges. Streets of Gotham Destroy all of the militia checkpoints. The Burning Question Obtain a key by completing the fifth Riddler trial. The Cat and the Bat Obtain a key by completing the third Riddler trial. The Cult Save the sacrificial victim and lock up the executioner in GCPD. The Frequency of Fear Scan Gotham City to pinpoint Scarecrow's location. The Long Halloween Wayne vs Crane in New Story +. The Monster Machine Track down and apprehend the serial killer. The Primal Riddle Obtain a key by completing the sixth Riddler trial. The Real Deal Takedown 20 moving cars without using the Batmobile. The Riddle Factory Obtain a key by completing the eighth Riddler trial. The Road Home Destroy all of the militia APC's. The Road to Hell Successfully complete the first Riddler trial. Touch of Death Apprehend the weapons dealer and lock him up in GCPD.

Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs, Secrets and References - Part 2 Batman Arkham Easter Eggs Playlist: =================================== 0:00 - Easter Egg #35: DC Characters (Ace the Bat-Hound, Ash, Atom, Black Canary, Blockbuster, Bookworm, Booster Gold, Brutale, The Carpenter, The Charlatan, Cluemaster, Commissioner Loeb, Condiment King, Constantine, The Clock King, Crazy Quilt, Cyborg, Doctor Phosphorus, Earl Cooper, El Dorado, Ferris, Film Freak, Firebug, The Gray Ghost, Harold Allnut, Jackanapes, Jazzman, Kairi Tanaga, KGBeast, Killer Frost, Mad Hatter, Matter-Eater Lad, Mister Camera, Mister Unknown, Monocle, Music Meister, Ocean Master, Osiris, Phosphorus Rex, Professor Milo, The Royal Flush Gang, Rupert Thorne, Secret Six, The Shark, Gotham City Sirens, Sweet Tooth, Tally Man, Tarantula, Toyman, Wildcat and Zatanna) 12:05 - Easter Egg #36: DC Brands (AmerTek, Big Belly Burger, Blaze Comics, Kord, Cale-Anderson, Daily Planet, Janus Cosmetics, Koul-Brau, LexCorp, Mendo Soap, Sartorico and Soder Cola) 13:56 - Easter Egg #37: DC Locations (Belle Reve, Blackgate, Cadmus, Hell's Gate, Kasnia, Markovia, My Alibi, Oblivion Bar, Qurac, Santa Prisca, The Slab, The Stacked Deck, Tropidor, Vlatvia, Metropolis, Bludhaven, Keyston, Central City, Star City and Coast City) 18:25 - Easter Egg #38: Miagani Origins 18:55 - Easter Egg #39: Gotham State 20:32 - Easter Egg #40: Souvenirs from Arkham (Arkham Origins, The Chronicles of Arkham, Scarecrow's Mask, Teddy Bears, Hush's Necklace, Quincy Sharp, Mad Hatter's Book and Rabbit Mask, Cobblepot's Family Portrait, Blue Mushrooms, The Duality of Man, Ratcatcher's Gloves, Joker's Hyena, Frank Boles, Wonder City) 24:43 - Easter Egg #41: Pauli's Diner 26:23 - Easter Egg #42: Diner's Menu 26:41 - Easter Egg #43: The Owens Effect 28:21 - Easter Egg #44: Only You 29:06 - Easter Egg #45: Harley Quinn Tattoo 29:26 - Easter Egg #46: Barbara's Condition 29:53 - Easter Egg #47: Barbara's Fate 31:24 - Easter Egg #48: Joker for President =================================== Follow BatmanArkhamVideos on: ● YouTube - ● Twitter - ● Facebook - For more info and videos, visit and

Super Blood Hockey. Enjoy the swearing meltdown. -- Watch live at

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