GojiMatt Podcast (Episode 2: Scrapped Ideas)

author GojiMattZilla 1994   1 mounths ago

After The Events Of Episode 256, Godzilla Takes Shin To GameGodzilla's Place To Get A New Look After Patients Get Scared Of Shin's Look. Will Shin Find A Way To Get A New Look? Or Will He Be Scary For All Of His Life?

After The Cliffhanger On Episode 257, Godzilla And The Gang Try To Make Shin Okay. Will They Succeed? Or Will He Die? Find Out On This Episode Of The Angry Birds And Godzilla Show! Please Feel Free To REACT!

WOW! It's Been A Long Time Since I Showed My Face In A Video! Google+: https://plus.google.com/102853747885905786500


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