Fun with EMOJI Characters. A parade of EMOJIS coming out of the mouth of a lizard.

author CKToysClub   8 mounths ago

A fun short stop-motion video with Emoji Characters.
The movie Emoji came out and Granny B. wanted to do something fun.
This is a short stop-motion video with EMOJIS coming out of the mouth of a lizard,
One by one they leave the lizard and wait for their friends.
At the end of this video the EMOJIS get in a school bus because
the New School year is starting.
Granny B. and CKToysClub loves Emojis and cannot wait to see the new movie.
The movie is about the city of Textopolis, a city that is home to all Emojis.
Emojis are little fun characters, each one has only one facial expression.
In the movie GENE is the only EMOJI with multiple expressions.
Gene wants to be a normal EMOJI.
They try to save the world before it is deleted.
You can use EMOJIS in text messages to express yourself.
Granny B. tried to make this video perfect but my computer
gave me problems and quit.
I hope you still like it.

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