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This is the same playthrough uploaded to my main channel, cublikefoot, but edited together as one video. Check out my main channel here: Many thanks for watching. Subscribe for more full games. » Get "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3": » Game Description (Wikipedia): The player assumes the role of various characters during the single player campaign, changing perspectives throughout the progression of the story, which, like its predecessors, is divided into four sets of missions called "Acts". Each mission in an act features a series of objectives that are displayed on the heads up display, which marks the direction and distance between such objectives and the player. Damage to the player is shown by the percentage of health HUD shown on the screen. The player's health regenerates over time with shields also helping with regeneration. Mission objectives vary in their requirements, ranging from having the player arrive at a particular checkpoint, to eliminating enemies in a specified location, to standing their ground against enemy squadrons, manning robot mechanoids and other weapons, and planting explosive charges on an enemy installation. Some of these objectives can be failed, and may or may not hinder progression of the story. The player is also accompanied by fellow soldiers who cannot be issued orders. The game sees the return of former Task Force 141 Cpt. John "Soap" MacTavish (voiced by Kevin McKidd), former S.A.S. Cpt. John Price (Billy Murray) and Russian informant "Nikolai", who are on the run after killing the rogue U.S. Army Lt. General Shepherd, the main antagonist of the previous game. However, for most of the game, the player will control Yuri (Brian Bloom)(and sometimes Soap), an ex-Spetsnaz who joins Price on his hunt for Russian Ultranationalist leader Vladimir Makarov (Roman Varshavsky). Makarov returns as the game's primary antagonist, and has a new contact named "Volk", a Russian bombmaker in Paris, France. Several new playable characters have been added, including: Delta Force operative Sgt. Derek "Frost" Westbrook; S.A.S. Sgt. Marcus Burns; and Andrei Harkov, a Russian federal security agent tasked with protecting the Russian President. » About this channel: I made this channel for the purpose of archiving my own playthroughs of the games I play and sharing them. They are not meant to be used as walkthroughs or as a replacement for purchasing the game. I play through the game however I want and upload it as such, not cutting out anything. Do keep this in mind when watching.

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One of my early games on Team Deathmatch n Resistance, using the support strike package.

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